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Exhibitions 4 January – 8 February 2003
Ben Snead: Paintings
Nancy Shaver: Sculpture
David Shaw: Sculpture

Exhibitions 13 February – 20 March 2003
Sam Gordon: Paintings and Photographs
Mamie Holst: Paintings
Jason Fox: Drawings

Exhibitions 12 April – 3 May 2003
Tom Friedman: Some New Work

Exhibitions 10 May – 14 June 2003
Michael Lazarus: Paintings and prints
Small Sculpture and Anonymous Tantra Paintings on Paper: Lisa Beck, Richard Rezac, Randy Wray, John Torreano, Bruce Brosnan,
            Michael St. John, B. Wurtz, Alan Wiener, Roy McMakin, Lucky DeBellevue, Nancy Shaver, Carl D’Alvia
Michael Banicki: Paintings
Isabella Kirkland: Painting

Exhibition 19 June – 8 August 2003  
Mighty Graphitey: Drawings by Jeff Ono, Tracy Miller, Joe Cavallaro, Jerry Phillips, Joshua Smith, Davor Vrankic, Alexander Ross,
                 Roy McMakin, Catherine Murphy, Gary Batty
Tyler Vlahovich: Paintings

Exhibitions 6 September – 11 October 2003  
David Robbins: Photographs
Vincent Fecteau: Sculptures
Josh Podoll: Paintings

Exhibitions 17 October – 25 October 2003
Alexander Ross: Paintings and Drawings

Exhibitions 1 November – 19 December 2003
Tracy Miller: Paintings
Fright Wig: Judy Linn: Photograph / Daniel Hesidence: Painting / Roy McMakin: Sculpture / Lucky DeBellevue: Sculpture /
       Tom Friedman: Sculpture / Michael Lazarus: Painting / Sam Gordon: Photograph / Kevin Wolff: Painting / Jerry Phillips: Drawing
Alex Brown: Painting

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