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Feature Inc. is now closed.

Sadly, we are taking pen to paper to let you know that effective June 30, 2014, Feature Inc. vacated 131 Allen Street. Hudson always knew he did not want the gallery to continue without him; and we always knew it could not continue without him — he was the life, vision and force behind its success.

It has been five months of an incredibly difficult journey.  Hudson’s passing left a tremendous void for many who knew him personally, as well as for the art world at large.  He enriched so many lives.  We want to thank those of you who took the time to write and tell us your Hudson stories – and what stories he inspired!  Please know that even if we haven’t responded yet, we will, and know that your kindness and words gave us comfort and strength (and at times a chuckle) at a time when it was most needed.

Although Feature is closed, Hudson’s passion will always remain.  Check back periodically, and keep in touch either here or through Facebook.   Our thoughts and plans are evolving, but we intend to keep his legacy alive.

Again, thank you for your understanding, support and kindness.   The depth of friendships and loyalties Hudson developed and inspired give us yet another reason to be so proud to call him our brother.

Warmest Regards,

Thomas, Jim and Patricia Hudson

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