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LISA BECK: Solo exhibition at Galerie Samy Abraham, Paris >link




TRACY MILLER: American University Museum at the Katzen Arts Center, solo exhibition,
5 November–15 December 2013  >link



JUDY LINN: “Joint Project 3,” Nashville, TN, pop-up exhibition organized by Susan Sherrick, 12 & 13 October 2013  >link

JESSE BRANSFORD: Co-organizer, The Occult Humanities Conference: Contemporary Art and Scholarship on the Esoteric Traditions, 18–20 October 2013  >link
Jovanovich, Alex. “Bell, Book, and Candle,” Scene & Herd,, 27 October 2013  >link



JUDY LINN: Gallery Onetwentyeight, New York, “Not Straight – Not So Straight” (group exhibition),
27 September–20 October 2013  >link

ISABELLA KIRKLAND: Williamsburg Art & Historical Center, Brooklyn, NY, “The Animals Look Back at Us”
(group exhibition), 21 September–20 October 2013 (catalogue)  >link

ISABELLA KIRKLAND: Art, Design & Arcitecture Museum, University of California at Santa Barbara,
"POP: Politics of Place" (group exhibition), 20 September–21 December 2013  >link

BEN SNEAD: Glyndor Gallery, Wave Hill, New York, "Tandem Pursuits: Armor and Ichthyology" (group exhibition),
15 September–1 December 2013  >link
Hodara, Susan. “‘Tandem Pursuits: Armor and Ichthyology,’ at Glyndor Gallery at Wave Hill in the Bronx,”
New York Times, 19 September 2013  >link

DAVID MORENO: 13th Istanbul Biennial, 14 September–20 October 2013  >link

BEN SNEAD: The Arsenal Gallery, Central Park, New York, “Notched Bodies: Insects in Contemporary Art”
(group show), 13 September–13 November 2013  >link

DAVID DEUTSCH & SAM GORDON (WITH EVE FOWLER): Robert Miller Gallery, New York, "Suddenness & Certainty" (group exhibition), curated by Robert Greene, 12 September–19 October 2013  >link

NANCY SHAVER: Foundation Gallery, Columbia-Greene Community College, Hudson, NY, "Art-Link" (group exhibition),
12 September–11 October 2013  >link

NANCY SHAVER: John Davis Gallery, Hudson, NY, "in place" (solo exhibition), 12 September–5 October 2013  >link

ANDREW MASULLO & CARY SMITH: Philip Slein Gallery, St. Louis, MO, "Andrew Masullo and Cary Smith: Recent Work," 12 September–5 October 2013  >link

DOUGLAS MELINI: Luther W. Brady Art Gallery, George Washington University, Washington DC,
“Decenter: An Exhibition on the Centenary of the 1913 Armory Show” (group exhibition),
      11 September–20 December 2013  >link

SAM GORDON: The Apartment, Athens, Greece, "Please See American Objects" (group exhibition), curated by Eve Fowler, 8–30 September 2013  >link

CARY SMITH: Minus Space, New York, "Julian Pretto Gallery" (group exhibition), co-organized by John Zinsser,
6 September–26 October 2013  >link

JUDY LINN: SHOWstudio Shop, London, "Punk" (group exhibition), curated by Nick Knight,
5 September–15 October 2013  >link



ISABELLA KIRKLAND: Ulrich Museum of Art at Wichita State University, KS, “Nature’s Toolbox: Biodiversity, Art, and Invention” (group exhibition), 21 August–15 December 2013  >link

CARY SMITH: Tiger Strikes Asteroid, Philadelphia, “Ice Water Flyswatter” (group exhibition),
2 August–1 September 2013  >link



DAVID DEUTSCH: Gallery Luisotti, Santa Monica, CA, "The Way We Live Now" (group exhibition),
13 July–7 September 2013
Knight, Christopher. “A ‘Way’ that fully resonates,” Los Angeles Times, 23 August 2013  >link

LISA BECK, BILL KOMOSKI, & B. WURTZ: Martos Gallery, East Marion, NY, "LAT. 41° 7' N., LONG. 72° 19' W"
(group exhibition), curated by Bob Nickas, 13 July–2 September 2013  >link

JOSH PODOLL: Christopher Grimes Gallery, Los Angeles, solo exhibition, 5 July–7 September 2013  >link
Knight, Christopher. “Joshua Podoll at Christopher Grimes Gallery,” Los Angeles Times,
      23 August 2013, D9  >link

ANDREW MASULLO: Steve Zevitas Gallery, Boston, "Why Am I So Awkward" (group exhibition),
5 July–24 August 2013  >link
McQuaid, Cate. Review of “Why Am I So Awkward,” Boston Globe, 30 July 2013  >link

TOM OF FINLAND: Stuart Shave/Modern ARt, London, "Tom of Finland: Preliminary Drawings" (solo exhibition),
5 July–10 August 2013  >link



LISA BECK: Galerie Samy Abraham, Paris, "The Shining Path" (group exhibition), 21 June–27 July 2013  >link

NATHANIEL ROBINSON: On Stellar Rays, New York, "No Name" (group exhibition), 20 June–25 July 2013  >link

DIKE BLAIR: Tanya Bonakdar Gallery, New York, "Ambient" (group exhibition), curated by Tim Griffen,
20 June–26 July 2013  >link

TOM OF FINLAND: Institute of Contemporary Arts, London, "Keep Your Timber Limber (Works on Paper)"
(group exhibition), 19 June–8 September 2013  >link

JERRY PHILLIPS: Butler Center Galleries, Arkansas Studies Institute, Little Rock, AR, "Get a Simple Landscape: Drawings by Jerry Phillips" (solo exhibition), 14 June–29 September 2013  >link

JOHN TORREANO: OK Harris Works of Art, New York, "Illuminators" (group exhibition), 1 June–19 July and
3–7 September 2013  >link

CARY SMITH: Geoffrey Young Gallery, Great Barrington, MA, "The Goddess" (group exhibition), 1–29 June 2013



DAVID DEUTSCH: Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris, "Vues d'en haut" (group exhibition), 17 May–7 October 2013  >link

RICHARD PHILLIPS: Greg Thompson Fine Art, Little Rock, AR, "Best of the South" (group exhibition),
16 May–13 July 2013
Widner, Ellis. “Arkansan's drawings, songs of Vaughan cerebral, lush,” Arkansas Democrat-Gazette,
      7 July 2013

RICHARD KERN: White Flag Projects, Saint Louis, MO, "Coconut Water" (group exhibition), 4 May–15 June 2013  >link
Baran, Jessica. “In the Galleries–‘Coconut Water’ Closes June 15 at White Flag Projects,”,
13 June 2013  >link

KINKE KOOI & DAVID MORENO: Portland Museum of Modern Art, Portland, OR, "Uncontrollable Urge" (group exhibition),
4 May–14 June 2013  >link

SAM GORDON: Printed Matter, New York, Eve Fowler/Sam Gordon" (two-person exhibition),
4–25 May 2013  >link



CARY SMITH: Dan Devening Projects + Editions, Chicago, "Pages, Pages" (group exhibition),
28 April–8 June 2013  >link

MAMIE HOLST: The Boiler, Brooklyn, “seven @ SEVEN 2,” (group exhibition), 28 April–20 May 2013  >link

RICHARD KERN: Galerie Sebastien Bertrand, Geneva, "Richard Kern/Alan Vega" (two-person exhibition),
19 April–1 June 2013  >link

JEFF ONO: Samuel Freeman Gallery, Los Angeles, "Alice Konitz/Pamela Jorden/Jeff Ono" (three-person exhibition),
13 April–18 May 2013  >link

LISA BECK & DAVID SHAW: Jane Kim, New York, "Swing State" (group exhibition), 7 April–5 May 2013

RICHARD KERN: Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw, "Rated R: Cinema of Transgression by Richard Kern"
(film retrospective, part II), 5 April 2013



RICHARD KERN: Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw, "Rated R: Cinema of Transgression by Richard Kern"
(film retrospective, part I), 26 March 2013  >link

TYLER VLAHOVICH: Wharton + Espinosa, Los Angeles, “Alice Konitz + Nicolau Vergueiro + Tyler Vlahovich”
(three-person exhibition), 19 March–26 April 2013  >link

DIKE BLAIR & JERRY PHILLIPS: Blondeau & Cie, Geneva, “Works on Paper” (group exhibition),
14 March–13 April 2013  >link

ALEX BROWN: La Galerie du Granit & La Tour 46, Belfort, France, “L’Embarras du choix: La peinture figurative dans les collections du FRAC Franche-Comté” (group exhibition), 9 March–27 May 2013

JUDY LINN is the recipient of a 2013 art award from the American Academy of Arts and Letters, New York

JUDY LINN: American Academy of Arts and Letters, New York, Invitational Exhibition of Visual Arts,
7 March–14 April 2013  >link

ISABELLA KIRKLAND: Discussion with Stewart Brand, David Brower Center, 7 March 2013; in conjunction with the Long Now Foundation  >link

ANDREW MASULLO: Mary Boone Gallery, New York, 2 March–27 April 2013  >link
Interview,, 24 April  >link
Heinrich, Will. “Andrew Masullo at Mary Boone Gallery,”, 2 April  >link
Colvin, Rob. “Oddly Warped and Genuinely Thrilling Paintings,”, 17 April 2013  >link
“Hit List: Things We Like,” Modern Painters, April 2013, 31
Drutt, Matthew. “Eye on Art: Paintings and Sculpture,” (video), 18 April 2013  >link
“The Lookout: A Weekly Guide to Shows You Won’t Want to Miss,”,
      14 March 2013  >link



ANDREW MASULLO: Brick Walk Fine Art, West Hartford, CT, “Nonobjective” (group exhibition),
23 February–30 March 2013  >link

ISABELLA KIRKLAND: Byrdcliffe Kleinert/James Center for the Arts, Woodstock, NY, “The Animals Look Back at Us”
(group exhibition), 22 February–31 March 2013 (catalogue)  >link

LISA BECK: Gallery Diet, Miami, “Diamonds, Diamonds” (group exhibition), 20 February–31 March 2013  >link

DOUGLAS MELINI: Abrons Arts Center, Henry Street Settlement, New York, “Decenter: An Exhibition on the Centenary of the 1913 Armory Show” (group exhibition), 17 February–7 April 2013  >link
Haber, John. “Decenter Cannot Hold?”, 5 April 2013  >link
Steinhauer, Jillian. “Tracing a Path from Cubism to Digital Art,”, 2 April 2013  >link

TOM OF FINLAND: Leslie + Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art, New York, “Rare & Raw” (group exhibition),
15 February–31 March 2013  >link

JUDY LINN: Gallery Onetwentyeight, New York, “7Artists” (group exhibition), 13 February–2 March 2013  >link

ISABELLA KIRKLAND: David Brower Center, Berkeley, CA, “Isabella Kirkland and Jeff Long” (two-person exhibition),
7 February–8 May 2013  >link



LISA BECK: Lesley Heller Workspace, New York, “X-tra” (group exhibition), 30 January–3 March 2013  >link

DAVID MORENO: OMR, Mexico City, “Resonancia y Silencio” (solo exhibition), 26 January–16 March 2013  >link

JESSE BRANSFORD: LeRoy Neiman Gallery, Columbia University School of the Arts, New York, “Metaphysical Interventions” (group exhibition), 21 January–15 February 2013, curated by Matthew C. Wilson  >link

JESSE BRANSFORD: Galveston Artists Residency, TX, “The Fourth Pyramid” (solo exhibition),
19 January–6 April 2013  >link
Keres, Alana. “The Fourth Pyramid–Galveston Artist Residency,”, 26 March 2013  >link

JOHN TORREANO: Carl Solway Gallery, Cincinnati, OH, “Dark Matters Everywhere: Paintings, Prints & Sculpture”
(solo exhibition), 18 January–23 March 2013  >link

CARY SMITH: Janet Kurnatowski Gallery, New York, “Paperrazzi2” (group exhibition),
18 January–10 February 2013  >link

MAMIE HOLST: Blondeau & Cie, Geneva, “Hard Hat Benefit Auction and Exhibition” (group exhibition),
17–22 January 2013

NANCY SHAVER: The Artist's Institute, New York, “The Bigger Picture” (group exhibition), curated by Haim Steinbach,
6–27 January 2013  >link




SAM GORDON: Family Business, New York, “Don’t Be a Ham!” (group exhibition),
12 December 2012–13 January 2013, curated by Ari Marcopoulos  >link

LISA BECK: Le Fort du Bruissin Contemporary Art Center, Francheville, Grand Lyon, France, "Endless" (solo exhibition),
8 December 2012–17 March 2013  >link
Morais, Pedro. “Accidents Geometriques,” Les Inrockuptibles, 30 January 2013

JOHN TORREANO: Denver Art Museum, "More Scapes" (group exhibition), curated by Julie Augur,
2 December 2012–31 March 2013  >link

JUDY LINN: Ambach & Rice, Los Angeles, "Lost and Found: Anonymous Photography in Reflection" (group exhibition),
curated by Bob Nickas, 1 December 2012–12 January 2013  >link



JERRY PHILLIPS: Acme, Los Angeles, "About Face" (group exhibition), curated by Daniel Weinberg,
17 November–22 December 2012  >link

SAM GORDON: Strange Loop Gallery, New York, "BGSQD Pop-Up Shop" (group exhibition),
15 November 2012–31 January 2013  >link

LISA BECK: Le Fort du Bruissin Contemporary Art Center, Francheville, Grand Lyon, France, "Endless" (solo exhibition),
8 December 2012–17 March 2013  >link



JESSE BRANSFORD: Interstate Projects, Brooklyn, NY, “The Black Lodge” (group exhibition),
opens 26 October 2012  >link

NATHANIEL ROBINSON: Core Club, New York, “Upstream,” video art program, 23 October 2012;
curated by Grela Orihuela

MAMIE HOLST: Weatherspoon Art Museum, University of NC at Greensboro, “Art on Paper 2012” (group exhibition),
21 October 2012–13 January 2013  >link

JOHN TORREANO: Broadway Windows, New York, “Stars on Broadway!” (solo exhibition),
17 October 2012–2 February 2013  >link

RICHARD REZAC: Laura Mesaros Gallery, Art Museum of West Virginia, Morgantown, WV (solo exhibition),
11 October–6 November 2012 (brochure)  >link

BILL KOMOSKI: Hunter College Times Square Gallery, New York, “Conceptual Abstraction” (group exhibition),
curated by Pepe Karmel and Joachim Pissarro, 5 October–10 November 2012
Cotter, Holland. “Conceptual Abstraction,” New York Times, 1 November  >link

TOM OF FINLAND: Robert Rauschenberg Foundation Project Space, New York, “We the People” (group exhibition),
curated by Alison Gingeras and Jonathan Horowitz, 2 October–9 November 2012  >link



NANCY SHAVER: Hudson Valley Center for Contemporary Art, Peekskill, NY, “Peekskill Project V: The New Hudson River School,” (group exhibition), 29 September 2012–28 July 2013  >link

SAM GORDON: USC Roski School of Fine Arts, “Fowler/Gordon” (two-person exhibition),
24 September–12 October 2012  >link

KINKE KOOI: Museum De Lakenhal, Leiden, Netherlands, “Pearls” (group exhibition),
16 September 2012–13 January 2013  >link

DIKE BLAIR: Klaus von Nichtssagend, New York, “Walled Garden” (group exhibiiton) 9 September–21 October 2012  >link

DAVID MORENO: “30th São Paolo Biennial: The Imminence of Poetics,” São Paolo, Brazil, curated by Luis Perez-Oramas, André Severo, and Tobi Maier, 7 September–9 December 2012 (catalogue)  >link

BEN SNEAD: Fish Farm (Brooklyn Snappers), sculptural installation, Two Trees Management Company commission,
Clumbers Corner, Washington and Prospect Streets, Brooklyn, NY; September 2012–September 2013  >link

MAMIE HOLST is the recipient of a 2012 City of Fort Myers Individual Artist Grant



JERRY PHILLIPS: Historic Arkansas Museum, Little Rock, AR, “Arkansas Contemporary: Selected Fellows from the Arkansas Arts Council,” (group exhibition), 10 August–4 November 2012  >link



Martos Gallery, Bridgehampton, NY, “Creature from the Blue Lagoon" (group exhibition), curated by Bob Nickas,
21 July–3 September 2012  >link
Kazakina, Katya. “Art in the Hamptons,”, 1 August  >link (Beck)
Miller, Michael H. “Bob Nickas Curates Summer Show in Bridgehampton One Last Time,”,
      22 May  >link (Beck)
Russeth, Andrew and Michael H. Miller, “East End? It’s Only Beginning! At Last, the Hamptons Is Attracting Edgy
     Art to Match Its Glitzy Collectors,”, 7 August  >link (Wurtz)
Sutton, Ben. “Martos Gallery Makes for the Hamptons, Filling a Collector’s Beach House With High-Priced
     Hipster Art,”, 3 August  >link (Robinson, Shaver, Wurtz)
Rosenberg, Karen. “Check Out the Gallery in the Freezer: ‘Creature From the Blue Lagoon,’ in Bridgehampton,
     New York Times,
2 August  >link (Komoski, Wurtz)

Venus Over Manhattan, New York, “Bulletin Boards" (group exhibition), curated by White Columns,
opening 20 July 2012  >link

TYLER VLAHOVICH: Taylor De Cordoba, Los Angeles, “Summer Sun” (group exhibition), 14 July–18 August 2012  >link

DIKE BLAIR: Golden Gallery, New York, “WhiteWalls: Writings by Artists 1978–2008” (group exhibition),
13 July–5 August 2012  >link

GINA MAGID: Jason McCoy Gallery, New York, “Paper Band” (group exhibition), 11 July–24 August 2012  >link

SAM GORDON: Andrew Edlin Gallery, New York, “B-Out” (group exhibition), curated by Scott Hug,
5 July–18 August 2012  >link

SAM GORDON: A Temporary Space, New York, “Fuel for the Fire” (group exhibition), curated by Dawn Kasper,
5–31 July 2012

RICHARD KERN: Vivacom Art Hall, Sophia, solo exhibition, 5–22 July 2012



LISA BECK, DAVID SHAW, ALAN WIENER: “Thing,” an outdoor sculpture show curated by Susan Jennings, West Cornwall, CT, 30 June–22 July 2012

TOM OF FINLAND: Kulturhuset, Stockholm, “Tom of Finland” (solo exhibition), 28 June–19 August 2012  >link

KINKE KOOI: Museum Boijmans van Beunigen, Rotterdam, “Extravagant, Shameless, Unlimited – New Drawings in the Collection” (group exhibition), 23 June–30 September 2012  >link

TYLER VLAHOVICH: Richard Telles Fine Art, Los Angeles, “Formwandler” (group exhibition),
23 June–18 August 2012  >link

LISA BECK: Galerie de Multiples, Paris, “Cancer” (group exhibition), 22 June–22 July 2012  >link

TRACY MILLER: BS Gallery, Iowa City, IA, “Bred and Fed,” a one-night exhibition organized by Mary Grace Wright (a Shoot The Lobster project), 15 June 2012

NAOTO NAKAGAWA: Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine, New York “Voices from Japan: Despair and Hope
from Disaster” (group exhibition), 15 June–8 August 2012 (1,000 Portraits of Hope traveled to APIA Gallery, Hyogo Prefecture, 10–14 March 2013; Ishigami No Oka Museum of Art, Iwate Prefecture, 13 April–26 May 2013; Koriyama Hall, Fukushima Prefecture, 20–26 May 2013)  >link
Zaller, Robert. “Nakagawa’s ‘Thousand Portraits of Hope’ in New York,” Broad Street Review, 7 July  >link
Kanno, Miyuki. “New York artist completes 1000 portraits of hope,” Asahi Shimbun, 11 June  >link

DAVID MORENO, NANCY SHAVER, B. WURTZ: James Cohan Gallery, New York, “Everyday Abstract–Abstract Everyday” (group exhibition), curated by Matthew Higgs, 1 June–27 July 2012  >link
Smith, Roberta. “Like Watching Paint Thrive,” New York Times, 29 June  >link



DAVID DEUTSCH: I-20, New York, “Data Trash” (group exhibition), 24 May–14 July 2012  >link

LISA BECK: Galerie Lisa Rutyter, Vienna, Austria, “Looking Through” (solo exhibition), 24 May–30 June 2012  >link
Fessler, Anne Katrin. Review, Der Standard, 20 June  >link

ALAN WIENER: Gridspace, Brooklyn, NY, “Hollow Block” (solo exhibition), 20 May–30 June 2012

RICHARD KERN: Ramiken Crucible, New York, “Ideal Pole” (group exhibition), curated by Bjarne Melgaard,
19 May–8 July 2012  >link

NANCY SHAVER: American Academy of Arts and Letters, New York, “Exhibition of Works by Newly Elected Members and Recipients of Honors and Awards” (group exhibition), 17 May–10 June 2012  >link

TRACY MILLER: Gallery 151, New York, “Slow Food/Fast Food: East What You Are” (group exhibition),
17 May–28 June 2012

RICHARD KERN: Venus over Manhattan, New York, “À rébours”(group exhibition), 10 May–30 June 2012  >link

GINA MAGID: AFA Gallery, Scranton, PA, “Intramurals” (group exhibition), 3–26 May 2012  >link

SAM GORDON: Interview with Eve Fowler, Bomblog, 1 May 2012  >link

ISABELLA KIRKLAND: Field Museum, Chicago, “Nature’s Toolbox: Biodiversity, Art, and Invention” (group exhibition),
May–December 2012 (travels to The Leonardo, Salt Lake City, UT, January–June 2013)  >link

JUDY LINN: “The Unblinking Judy Linn” by Francine Prose in Aperture, Summer 2012  >link



JESSE BRANSFORD: Observatory, Brooklyn, NY, “Sigils & Signs” (group exhibition), 27 April–17 June 2012  >link

B. WURTZ: Royal/T, Culver City, CA, “The Art of Cooking” (group exhibition), curated by Hanne Mugaas,
27 April–1 August 2012  >link

RICHARD REZAC: Winkleman Gallery, New York, “Loughelton Revisited” (group exhibition), 27 April–26 May 2012  >link

JESSE BRANSFORD: Interview with Kari Adelaide, Huffington Post, 24 April 2012  >link

ANDREW MASULLO: Interview in, 23 April 2012  >link

ANDREW MASULLO: Brick Walk, Hartford, CT, solo exhibition, 21 April–26 May 2012
Dunne, Susan. “‘Non-Objective’ Artist Andrew Masullo at Brick Walk Fine Art,” Hartford Courant,
     22 April 2012 >link

DIKE BLAIR: Fundación/Colección Jumex, Ecatepec de Morelos, Mexico, “Poule!” (group exhibition),
20 April–14 September 2012 (catalogue)  >link

DIKE BLAIR: Gagosian Gallery, Paris, “Micro Mania” (group exhibition), 18 April–31 May 2012  >link

TOM OF FINLAND: World Erotic Art Museum, Miami Beach, FL, “Male Masterworks” (solo exhibition),
14 April–31 July 2012

ISABELLA KIRKLAND: Wave Hill Glyndor Gallery, Bronx, NY, “Tending toward the Untamed: Artists Respond to the Wild Garden” (group exhibition), 3 April–19 August 2012  >link

LISA BECK: La Salle des Bains, Lyon, France, “Tell the Children” (group exhibition), 3 April–9 June 2012  >link



SAM GORDON: The Mandrake, Los Angeles, “24 Hours in Los Angeles” (screening), 29 & 30 March 2012  >link

RICHARD KERN: Galerie Jousse Entreprise/Art Contemporain, Paris, “Richard Kern: Recent Works & Vintages”
solo exhibition, opening 17 March 2012  >link

RICHARD KERN: La Cinémathèque française, Paris, “Richard Kern: 2 Programs” (screening), 16 March 2012  >link

NANCY SHAVER & B. WURTZ: National Academy of Arts and Letters, New York, “Invitational Exhibition of Visual Arts”
(group exhibition), 11 March–11 April 2012  >link

ANDREW MASULLO: Whitney Museum of Amercian Art, New York, 2012 Whitney Biennial, (group exhibition),
1 March–27 May 2012 (catalogue)  >link
Heinrich, Will. “Post-Post-Millennial: The New Museum Triennial and the Whitney Biennial,,
     28 February  >link
Birks, Kimberlie. “Flashlights in our hands: the Whitney 2012 Biennial,”, 8 March  >link
Aaronson, Xavier. “No Fluff in Their Stuff: Museum Guards Review the Whitney Biennial,”,
     5 April 2012  >link    
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Kino, Carol. “Painting by Numbers, to Whitney Biennial,” New York Times, 25 March 2012,
     AR21 (reproductions)  >link
Michel, Karen. “Whitney’s 2012 Biennial Exhibit Parts with the Past,”, 3 March 2012
     (reproduction only)  >link
McGarry, Kevin. “Out There: Live From the Whitney Biennial,” The New York Times Style Magazine Blog,
    2 March 2012  >link
Smith, Roberta. “A Survey of a Different Color,” New York Times, 2 March 2012, C21  >link
Hirst, Arlene. “The Whitney Biennial Opens Today in New York,” DesignWire, 1 March 2012
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Viveros-Faune, Christian. “The Whitney Biennial 2012—Caution: Dead End,” Village Voice,
     7 March 2012 (reproduction only)  >link
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     29 February 2012  >link
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“Multicolored Melange,” Time, 19 March 2012, 48 (reproduction)
Chayka, Kyle. “A Biennial Scorecard,”, 28 February 2012  >link
Vogel, Carol. “Biennial Tweaks Its Boundaries,” New York Times, 17 February 2012, C25–26 (reproduction)  >link
Loos, Ted. “On the Move: The Whitney Biennial Promises Nonstop Action,” Vogue, March 2012, 470
     (reproduction only)  >link



KINKE KOOI: Institut Néerlandais, Paris, “Contemporary Surrealist Drawings from the Collection of the Museum Boijmans Van Beunigen” (group exhibition), 29 February–13 May 2012  >link

DIKE BLAIR: Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, MN, “Lifelike” (group exhibition), 25 February–27 May 2012,
curated by Siri Enberg (catalogue) >link

JUDY LINN: Dubois Gallery, Lehigh University, Bethlehem, PA, “Patti Smith, 1969 – 1976: Photographs by Judy Linn,”
solo exhibition, 20 February–25 May 2012
Bentley, Tiffany. “‘Patti Smith, 1969 – 1976, Photographs by Judy Linn’ Exhibit at Lehigh University Shows a Vulnerable Side of the Poetic Icon,” Lehigh Valley Express-Times, 20 February 2012  >link

RICHARD KERN: KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Berlin, “You Killed Me First: The Cinema of Transgression,”
19 February–19 April 2012  >link

ANDREW MASULLO: Galerija Contra, Koper, Slovenia, “A. Abstr-action” (group exhibition),
16 February–15 April 2012
“Abstrakcija z druge strain Atlantika,” Primorske Novice, 8 May 2012

NAOTO NAKAGAWA & JOHN TORREANO: Sidney Mishkin Gallery, Baruch College, New York, “Reinventing Landscape”
(group exhibition), 16 February–30 March 2012  >link

MAMIE HOLST: Kunsthalle Bern, Switzerland, “The Old, the New, the Different” (group exhibition),
4 February–25 March 2012  >link

ANDREW MASULLO: Gallery Paule Anglim, San Francisco, solo exhibition, 1–25 February 2012  >link
Bay Area Arts Picks, San Francisco Chronicle, 23 February 2012, F3 >link



DAVID SHAW: Galleria Enrico Astuni, Bologna, Italy, “I’d Like to Walk on the Moon” (group exhibition),
28 January–30 April 2012  >link

JUDY LINN: Susanne Hilberry Gallery, Ferndale, MI, “Brad Iverson, Judy Linn, Vera Lutter, Bill Rauhauser, Steve Shaw,”
28 January–10 March 2012  >link

SAM GORDON: Institute of Contemporary Arts, London, “In Numbers: Serial Publications by Artists Since 1955”
(group exhibition), 25 January–25 March 2012  >link

MAMIE HOLST: Pannell Gallery, Sweet Briar College, Sweet Briar, VA, “This Green Earth: Landscapes from the Permanent Collection” (group exhibition), 20 January–1 April 2012  >link

BEN SNEAD: Janet Kurnatowski Gallery, Brooklyn, “Paperazzi” (group exhibition), 13 January–12 February 2012  >link

CARY SMITH: Jeff Bailey Gallery, New York, “Grey Full” (group exhibition), curated by Geoffrey Young,
13 January–11 February 2012  >link

ANDREW MASULLO: Tiger Strikes Asteroid, Philadelphia, “Twee Abstraction” (group exhibition),
6–27 January 2012  >link





TOM OF FINLAND: The Berkeley Art Museum has accessioned a preliminary drawing by Tom of Finland, donated by the Tom of Finland Foundation and Feature Inc.  >link

RICHARD REZAC: Kathleen Cullen Fine Arts, New York, “You Would” (group exhibition),
15 December 2011–31 January 2012  >link

DIKE BLAIR: Galleria Alessandro De March, Milan, “Marua Biava, Dike Blair: Scintillascopy” (two-person exhibition),
2 December 2011–14 January 2012  >link

SAM GORDON: Centre for Contemporary Arts, Glasgow, UK, “2HB: What We Make with Words” (group exhibition),
1 –17 December 2011  >link



ANDREW MASULLO: Texas Gallery, Houston, “Andrew Masullo, Stephen Mueller, Thomas Nozkowski, Alan Shields, Peter Young,” 29 November–31 December 2011  >link

B. WURTZ: Moderna Museet, Stockholm, “Moment – Ynglingagatan 1” (group exhibition),
26 November 2011–22 January 2012  >link

TOM OF FINLAND: Alex Zachary Peter Currie, New York, “Happy Holidays! Drawings!” (group exhibition),
25 November–23 December 2011  >link

B. WURTZ: Galerija Gregor Podnar, Berlin, “Antic Measures” (group exhibition), curated by Chris Sharp,
19 November 2011–21 January 2012  >link
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RICHARD KERN: Bullet Space, New York, “MOB” (group exhibition), 18 November–21 December 2011  >link

B. WURTZ: Zürcher Studio, New York, “Underemployed” (group exhibition), curated by Josh Blackwell,
15 November 2011–22 January 2012  >link

NATHANIEL ROBINSON: TCB art inc., Melbourne, Australia, “If Loss Could Weigh” (group exhibition),
2–19 November 2011  >link



ANDREW MASULLO: Steven Zevitas Gallery, Boston, solo exhibition, 20 October–3 December 2011  >link

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ISABELLA KIRKLAND: Davis Museum and Cultural Center, Wellesley College, Wellesley, MA, “Global Flora: Botanical Imagery and Exploration” (group exhibition), 19 October 2011–15 January 2012  >link

SAM GORDON & JEFF ONO: ACP @ Armory Center for the Arts, Pasadena, CA, “My head is falling out so I’m standing on my stomach” (group exhibition), 8 October 2011–22 January 2012  >link

TYLER VLAHOVICH: WPA, Los Angeles, solo exhibition, 8–30 October 2011  >link

ISABELLA KIRKLAND: Turtle Bay Exploration Park, Redding, CA, “The Age of Wonder: Artists Engaged with the Natural World” (group exhibition), 1 October–31 December 2011  >link

ANDREW MASULLO: Kirk Hopper Fine Art, Dallas, “Forrest Bess: 100 Years” (group exhibition), 1–23 October 2011  >link
Simek, Lucia. “‘Forrest Bess 100 Years’ at Kirk Hopper,”, posted 17 October 2011  >link

MAMIE HOLST is the recipient of a 2011 City of Fort Myers Individual Artist Grant



NATHANIEL ROBINSON: A+D Gallery, Columbia College, Chicago, “Color: Fully Engaged” (group exhibition),
29 September–5 November 2011  >link

GINA MAGID: Churner and Churner, New York, “So Different, So Appealing” (group exhibition), organized by Rachel Churner and Ryan Steadman, 27 September –17 December 2011  >link

RICHARD KERN: Anthology Film Archives, New York, “Richard Kern” (screening), 23 –24 September 2011  >link

KINKE KOOI: Witzenhausen Gallery, New York, “Facing the Abyss” (group exhibition), curated by Roland Schimmel,
22 September –22 October 2011  >link

RICHARD KERN: Maccarone, New York, “After Shelley Duvall ’72 (Frogs on the High Line)” (group exhibition),
curated by Bjarne Melgaard, 17 September–22 October 2011  >link

Rhona Hoffman Gallery, Chicago, “brainbodygame” (group exhibition), curated by Hudson,
     16 September–22 October 2011  >link

ANDREW MASULLO: Edward Thorp Gallery, New York, “Assembly” (group exhibition),
16 September–22 October 2011  >link

BEN SNEAD: Dieu Donne, New York, “35th Anniversary Exhibition” (group exhibition), curated by Lilly Wei,
15 September–6 October 2011  >link

RICHARD REZAC: Twig Gallery, Brussels, solo exhibition, 10 September–22 October 2011  >link

MAMIE HOLST: Manoir de la Ville de Martigny, Switzerland, “Adventures, reflections, and ambushes”
(group exhibition), curated by Balthazar Lovay, 4 September–16 October 2011  >link

JUDY LINN: White Trash Contemporary, Hamburg, “Judy Linn: Patti Smith 1969–1976,” opens 2 September 2011  >link

RICHARD KERN: Roger Bjorkholmen, Stockholm, solo exhibition, opens in September 2011  >link



DAVID DEUTSCH: Artblogartblog, New York, “Snowclones,” (group exhibition), curated by Benjamin King and
Rob Nadeau, 4–13 August 2011  >link



ALEX BROWN & TRACY MILLER: Sioux City Art Center, IA, “Sioux City Art Center’s Legacy Collection Exhibition II”
(group exhibition), 30 July–27 November 2011  >link

CARY SMITH: Geoffrey Young Gallery, Great Barrington, MA, “Major Grey” (group exhibition),
30 July–27 Augurst 2011  >link

MAMIE HOLST: Shoshana Wayne Gallery, Santa Monica, CA, “Chain Letter,” (group exhibition), curated by Christian Cummings & Doug Harvey; 23 July–25 August 2011  >link

DAVID SHAW: Atlanta Contemporary Art Center, “Material Deposits” (group exhibition),
15 July–18 September 2011  >link

LISA BECK, BILL KOMOSKI, B. WURTZ: Martos Gallery, Bridgehampton, NY, “The 2011 Bridgehampton Biennial”
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ANDREW MASULLO: Friedrich Petzel Gallery, New York, “Channel to the New Image” 30 June–5 August 2011  >link

ANDREW MASULLO: Mitchell-Innes & Nash, New York, “Katherine Bernhardt, Alfred Jensen, Chris Johanson,
Chris Martin, Andrew Masullo, Judith Scott” (group exhibition), 30 June–5 August 2011  >link
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TOM OF FINLAND: PHD Gallery, St. Louis, MO, “Tom of Finland, Original Drawings” (solo exhibition),
25 June–6 August 2011  >link

B. WURTZ: Metro Pictures, New York, solo exhibition, 22 June–12 August 2011  >link
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B. WURTZ: Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago, “Pandora’s Box: Joseph Cornell Unlocks the MCA Collection”
(group exhibition), 18 June–16 October 2011  >link

CARY SMITH: LACE, Los Angeles, “Unfinished Paintings” (group exhibition), curated by Kristin Calabrese and Joshua Aster, 16 June–28 August 2011  >link

ANDREW MASULLO: Philip Slein Gallery, St. Louis, MO, “Jim Schmidt Presents: Abstraction”
10 June–30 July 2011  >link

DAVID SHAW: Galleria Enrico Astuni, Bologne, Italy, “Museums, Galleries, Homes and Other Stories” (group exhibition),
10 June–20 November 2011  >link

ALEX BROWN: BravinLee Programs, New York, “Chuck Close, Alex Brown, Fabian Marcaccio, Thomas Nozkowski,”
7 June–29 July 2011  >link

TOM OF FINLAND: Galerie Mooi-Man, Groningen, Netherlands, “Tom of Finland and Mates” (group exhibition),
5 June–4 September 2011  >link

JUDY LINN: Gallery Onetwentyeight, New York, “We_Marry_Cars” (group exhibition), 1–18 June 2011  >link



KEVIN WOLFF: Francis Young Tang Teaching Museum and Art Gallery at Skidmore College, Saratoga Springs, NY,
“Melt” (group exhibition), 28 May–18 September 2011  >link

DIKE BLAIR: Gagosian Gallery, Rome, “Made in Italy” (group exhibition), 27 May–29 June 2011, curated by Mario Codognato (catalogue)  >link

LISA BECK & NATHANIEL ROBINSON: Martos Gallery, New York, “We Regret To Inform You There Is Currently No Space or Place for Abstract Painting” (group exhibition), 19 May–18 June 2011  >link

CARY SMITH: Devening Projects + Editions, Chicago, “New Paper Works” (group exhibition),
14 May–11 June 2011  >link
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ANDREW MASULLO: Daniel Weinberg Gallery, Los Angeles, “Andrew Masullo/Recent Paintings” (solo exhibition),
7 May–18 June 2011  >link

TRACY MILLER: Lemberg Gallery, Ferndale, MI, “Feast” (group exhibition), 7 May–18 June 2011  >link

B. WURTZ: Museum of Art, Rhode Island School of Design, Providence, “Building Blocks: Contemporary Works from the Collection” (group exhibition), 6 May 2011–25 March 2012  >link

RICHARD REZAC & B. WURTZ: Michelle Grabner/Brad Killam home, Oak Park, IL,“Two Fold” (group exhibition),
curated by Colleen Asper & Ethan Greenbaum; 1 May–5 July 2011  >link



ANDREW MASULLO is the recipient of a Guggenheim Foundation Fellowship

DAVID DEUTSCH: Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, “Night Vision: Photography After Dark” (group exhibition)
26 April–18 September 2011  >link
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ANDREW MASULLO: Sam Lee Gallery, Los Angeles, “Cries & Whispers” (group exhibition), 23 April–4 June 2011  >link

DAVID SHAW: HL23, New York, “Off Modern” installation of contemporary art curated by Sandra Antela-Suarez and Sara Meltzer, 11 April–15 June 2011  >link

ISABELLA KIRKLAND: Speaker, “Biodiversity in Four Dimensions” symposium, Stanford University, 8 April 2011 >link

JUDY LINN: “Who Shot Rock” travels to Columbia Museum of Art, SC (7 April–29 May 2011); Birmingham Museum of Art, AL; Tucson Museum of Art, AZ; Annenberg Space for Photography, Los Angeles

TOM OF FINLAND: ONE National Gay and Lesbian Archives, Los Angeles, “Never Alone: A Look at Tom and His Friends” (group exhibition), 2 April–26 June 2011  >link

DAVID DEUTSCH: Southfirst, Brooklyn, NY, “Nothing Real” (solo exhibition), 1 April–8 May 2011  >link
Goings on About Town, New Yorker, 18 April 2011  >link
Schultz, Charles. “David Deutsch, Nothing Real,Brooklyn Rail, June 2011  >link

ANONYMOUS ARTISTS FROM RAJASTHAN: The Douglas Hyde Gallery, Trinity College, Dublin, will present
“Shiva Linga Paintings” a show of tantric images borrowed from Feature Inc., 1 April–1 June 2011  >link

MAI BRAUN: Compact, San Luis Obispo, CA, “Mai Braun–Double-Flat” (solo exhibition), 1–30 April 2011  >link



BEN SNEAD: R Gallery, San Antonio, TX, one-day solo exhibition, 26 March 2011 >link

JUDY LINN: White Columns, New York, “Update #2” (group exhibition), 15 March–16 April 2011  >link

ANDREW MASULLO: Tibor de Nagy, New York, “Object/Image” (group exhibition), 10 March–16 April 2011  >link

LISA BECK: Theodore:Art, New York, “Lisa Beck / Philippe Richard,” 5 March–3 April 2011  >link

DAVID SHAW: Telfair Museums, Jepson Center, Savannah, GA, “Psychedelic: Optical and Visionary Art Since the 1960s”
(group exhibition), organized by the San Antonio Museum of Art, 3 March–29 May 2011  >link

TRACY MILLER: Bergen Community College, Paramus, NJ, “Threads of Continuity” (group exhibition), 1–26 March 2011

JUDY LINN: Publication of Patti Smith 1969–1976: Photographs by Judy Linn, Abrams Image, New York; 1 March 2011
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TYLER VLAHOVICH: Twig Gallery, Brussels, solo exhibition, 24 February–2 April 2011  >link

KINKE KOOI: PrintRoom, Rotterdam, “Special Edition” (group exhibition), 10 February–19 March 2011  >link

JESSE BRANSFORD & JOHN TORREANO: New York Academy of Art, New York, “Put Up or Shut Up” (group exhibition), 10 February–6 March 2011  >link

B. WURTZ:, “The Potential of Twist Ties Remains Elusive,” an online group exhibition curated by
Jo-ey Tang, ongoing  >link



MAMIE HOLST: Space 39 Gallery, Fort Myers, FL, “The Global Warming Art Report” (group exhibition), curated by Lily Hatchett, 30–31 January 2010  >link

DAVID SHAW: Rotunda Gallery, New York, “A Strange Alchemy” (group exhibition), curated by Persis Singh,
19 January–26 February 2011  >link

TOM OF FINLAND: Logomo Exhibition Center, Turku, Finland, “Tom’s Coming Home! Tom of Finland Retrospective,”
16 January–18 December 2011

ALEX BROWN: Twig Gallery, Brussels, “Free. Dumb.” (solo exhibition), 14 January–19 February 2011  >link





JOHN TORREANO: New Jersey State Museum, Trenton, NJ, “I Am the Cosmos” (group exhibition), curated by Sara Lynn Henry, 4 December 2010–29 May 2011  >link

MAMIE HOLST is the recipient of a 2010 Wynn Newhouse Award



LISA BECK: • Gallery, Vienna, “Pull My Daisy” (group exhibition), 19 November 2010–8 January 2011  >link

B. WURTZ: U•turn Art Space, Cincinnati, OH, “Stuff Art” (group exhibition), 5–27 November 2010  >link



LISA BECK & MAMIE HOLST: NP Contemporary Art Center, New York, “Black Is the Color of My True Love’s Hair” (group exhibition), 28 October–5 December 2010  >link

NANCY SHAVER: The High Line, New York, “Francis Cape – The Other End of the Line” (group exhibition component,
curated by Ian Berry), 22 October–21 November 2010  >link

CARY SMITH: Real Art Ways, Hartford, CT, “We Are the Dollars and Cents” (solo exhibition),
21 October–12 December 2010  >link

RICHARD KERN & B. WURTZ: The Journal Gallery, Brooklyn, “Salad Days” (group exhibition),
21 October–15 December 2010

DAVID SHAW: Memorial Art Gallery, Rochester, NY, “Psychedelic: Optical and Visionary Art Since the 1960s”
(group exhibition), organized by the San Antonio Museum of Art, 17 October 2010–2 January 2011  >link

RICHARD REZAC: Paul Kotula Projects, Ferndale, MI, “Heather McGill, Richard Rezac, James Shosbree,”
1 October–27 November 2010  >link



JESSE BRANSFORD: Brooklyn Academy of Music, NY, “Next Wave Art” (group exhibition), curated by Dan Cameron,
21 September–19 December 2010  >link

The Frances Young Tang Teaching Museum and Art Gallery, Saratoga Springs, NY, “The Jewel Thief”
     (group exhibition), curated by Ian Berry and Jessica Stockholder, 18 September 2010–27 February 2011  >link
Cotter, Holland. “New Sparkle for an Abstract Ensemble,” New York Times, 7 January 2011, C25  >link

TRACY MILLER: Hampden Gallery, UMASS, Amherst, MA, “Sweetness and Light” (group exhibition),
19 September–14 October 2010  >link

JOSH PODOLL: Torrance Art Museum, CA, “Baker's Dozen” (group exhibition), curated by Max Presneill,
18 September–6 November 2010  >link

NATHANIEL ROBINSON: Twig Gallery, Brussels, “Civil Twilight” (solo exhibition), 11 September–30 October 2010  >link

DIKE BLAIR: Gagosian Gallery, New York, solo exhibition, 11 September–30 October 2010  >link
Fry, Naomi. “Dike Blair,” Frieze, November–December 2010

JOHN TORREANO: “One and Three Quarters of an Inch,” a one-week group exhibition at the former Convent at St. Cecelia’s Parish, Brooklyn, curated by Peter Clough, 11–18 September 2010

JOSH PODOLL: Ping Pong Gallery, San Francisco, “New Work” (solo exhibition), 9 September–15 October 2010  >link

BILL KOMOSKI: Las Cienegas Projects, Los Angeles, “Assemblage” (group exhibition), 4 September–2 October 2010 >link

DAVID SHAW: Dorsch Gallery, Miami, “Bubble Raft” (group exhibition), 1 September–2 October 2010  >link



RICHARD REZAC: Devening Projects + Editions, Chicago, “Kabinett 1 + 2: Richard Rezac and Gary Stephan,”
29 August–16 October 2010  >link

GINA MAGID: 560 Broadway, New York, “New Paintings,” a two-day group exhibition curated by Renee Bovenzi,
21 & 22 August 2010  >link

BILL KOMOSKI: Jose Martos, Sagaponack, NY, “Wait For Me at the Bottom of the Pool” (group exhibition),
organized by Bob Nickas, 14 August–12 September 2010  >link

JERRY PHILLIPS is the recipient of a State of Arkansas Individual Artist Fellowship



TYLER VLAHOVICH: WPA, Los Angeles, “Swap Thing” (group exhibition), 30 July–7 August 2010  >link

BEN SNEAD: New York Transit Museum, Brooklyn, “Inspiring Spaces: 25 Years of MTA Arts for Transit” (group exhibition), 27 July–31 October 2010  >link

NANCY SHAVER: Leo Koenig Inc., New York, “Long Long Gone” (group exhibition), 9 July–21 August 2010  >link

DIKE BLAIR: The Hogar Collection, Brooklyn, “Lateralisms” (group exhibition), curated by Matt Wycoff,
9 July–8 August 2010  >link
Vartanian, Hrag. “Minimalism’s Lateral Move at the Hogar Collection,”,
      7 August 2010  >link
McDade, Jackson. “Minimalism Sideways,”, 24 July 2010  >link

LISA BECK & KINKE KOOI: Tracy Williams Ltd., New York, “Daniel Hesidence Curates” (group exhibition),
9 July–6 August 2010  >link
Smith, Roberta. “Varieties of Abstraction,” New York Times, 6 August 2010, C21  >link

LISA BECK: Bell Street Project Space, Vienna, “Lisa Beck / Olivier Mosset,” curated by Lisa Ruyter,
2–31 July 2010  >link

BILL KOMOSKI: Friedrich Petzel Gallery, New York, “Swell” (group exhibition), curated by Jacqueline Miro,
1–30 July 2010  >link

SAM GORDON: Altman Siegel Gallery,San Francisco, “They Knew What They Wanted” (group exhibition),
     in collaboration with Fraenkel Gallery, John Berggruen, and Ratio 3, curated by Shannon Ebner,
     July–August 2010  >link
Osborne, Mike. “They Knew What They Wanted,” Art Lies, No. 67  >link



JUDY LINN: Museum 52, New York, “Seat-Of-The-Pants” (group exhibition), 30 June–30 July 2010  >link

GINA MAGID: Invisible Exports, New York, “Lush Life 3: First Bird (A Few Butterflies)” (group exhibition),
curated by Franklin Evans and Omar Lopez-Chahoud, 25 June–31 July 2010  >link
Cotter, Holland. “Lower East Side Tale, Refracted Nine Times,” New York Times, 8 July 2010  >link

Daniel Weinberg Gallery, Los Angeles, “Wall-to-Wall” (group exhibition), 5 June–14 August 2010  >link

B.WURTZ: The Notary Public, New York, “S(l)umm(er)ing on Madison Avenue” (group exhibition),
5 June–11 September 2010  >link

RICHARD KERN & JUDY LINN: The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Community Center, New York,
“The Tattoo Show” (group exhibition), curated by Kathleen Cullen, 3 June–7 September 2010  >link



B. WURTZ: The Apartment, Vancouver, solo exhibition, 24 May–10 August 2010  >link
Peck, Aaron. Review,, Critic's Picks, Summer 2010  >link

RICHARD KERN: Kenny Schachter Rove, London, “Shot by Kern” (solo exhibition), 21 May–26 June 2010  >link

JUDY LINN: Kimmerich, New York, “The Page” (group exhibition), curated by John Stezaker and Matthew Higgs,
20 May–16 July 2010  >link

ALEX BROWN: BFAS/Blondeau Fine Art Services, Geneva, solo exhibition, 20 May–17 July 2010  >link

ANDREW MASULLO: Susanne Hilberry Gallery, Ferndale, MI, “Who Loves the Sun” (group exhibition),
8 May–19 June 2010  >link

JOHN TORREANO: 7Eleven Gallery, New York, “Make Yourself at Home” (group exhibition), 6 May–6 June 2010

CARY SMITH is the recipient of a Connecticut Commission on the Arts Grant



RICHARD KERN: Kaune, Sudendorf, Cologne, solo exhibition, 22 April–31 July 2010  >link

JEFF ONO: Galerie Bertrand & Gruner, Geneva, “Something Left Undone” (group exhibition), 15 April–5 June 2010  >link

B. WURTZ: Renwick Gallery, New York, “The Same Sight Slighter” (group exhibition), 10 April–15 May 2010  >link
Smith, Roberta. “Same Sight Slighter,” New York Times, 13 May 2010  >link

B. WURTZ: FiveMyles, Brooklyn, “Mean and Sneaking” (group exhibition), curated by Vicki Sher,
1 April–2 May 2010  >link

KINKE KOOI: Nest, Den Haag, Netherlands, “Down To Earth” (group exhibition), 1 April 2010  >link

NANCY SHAVER is the recipient of a Guggenheim Foundation Fellowship

DIKE BLAIR is the recipient of a Rome Prize



LISA BECK: FOLEYgallery, New York, “Townie” (group exhibition), curated by Carl D’Alvia & Michael Foley,
25 March–24 April 2010  >link

LISA BECK: Le Musée des Beaux Artes, La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland, “Portrait de l’artiste en motocycliste”
(group exhibition), 21 March–12 September 2010  >link

TYLER VLAHOVICH: John Tevis Gallery, Paris, solo exhibition, 20 March–24 April 2010  >link

DAVID SHAW: Christopher Henry Gallery, New York, “Friends in High Places” (group exhibition),
12 March–18 April 2010  >link

ANDREW MASULLO: American Academy of Arts and Letters, “Invitational Exhibition of Visual Arts” (group exhibition),
9 March–11 April 2010  >link

DIKE BLAIR: Leo Koenig Inc., New York, “Self-Fulfilling Prophecies” (group exhibition), 4 March–10 April 2010  >link

RICHARD BLOES is the recipient of a Pollock-Krasner Foundation Grant



KINKE KOOI: Gavlak Gallery, Palm Beach, FL, “Think Pink” (group exhibition), curated by Beth Rudin DeWoody,
13 February–20 March 2010  >link

DAVOR VRANKIC: Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Rijeka, Croatia, “Let Me Make You Real” (solo exhibition),
10 February–2 March 2010  >link

RICHARD REZAC: Boston University Art Gallery, “The Shape of Abstraction” (group exhibition),
4 February–28 March 2010  >link



KINKE KOOI: “Ontmoeting #3: Never a Day Without Lines,” De Ketel Factory, Schiedam, Netherlands,
31 January–21 March 2010  >link

SAM GORDON curates “This Is a Performance,” a group exhibition, for Artist Curated Projects, Los Angeles,
24 January–21 February 2010  >link

MAMIE HOLST & JERRY PHILLIPS: Hard Hat, Geneva, “Studiolo” (group exhibition), curated by Marc Blondeau and Philippe Davet, 21 January–22 February 2010  >link

JESSE BRANSFORD: Observatory, Brooklyn, “Vision Quest” (group exhibition), curated by Pam Grossman,
16 January–21 February 2010  >link

JOSH PODOLL: Christopher Grimes Gallery, Santa Monica, CA, solo exhibition, 16 January–27 February 2010  >link

RICHARD REZAC: Rhona Hoffman Gallery, Chicago, solo exhibition, 8 January–13 February 2010  >link
Ise, Claudine. “A Q & A with Richard Rezac,” Bad at, 25 January 2010  >link
Ise, Claudine. Review,, February 2010

ALAN WIENER: Gregory Lind Gallery, San Francisco, “The Rule of Typical Things” (group exhibition),
7 January–13 February 2010  >link

JOSH PODOLL: Circus Gallery, Los Angeles, “You Can Heal Your Life!” (group exhibition), curated by Emma Gray,
7 January–6 February 2010  >link
Shaw, Michael. “A Search for Healing in Twenty Ten,”, posted 29 January 2010  >link

DAVOR VRANKIC: Gallery of Fine Arts, Osijek, Croatia, “Let Me Make You Real” (solo exhibition),
7–28 January 2010  >link




JUDY LINN is the recipient of a Louis Comfort Tiffany Foundation Award in Photography

JESSE BRANSFORD: “Art at Straus: NYU Steinhardt Artists at the Joseph and Gwendolyn Straus Institute
for the Advanced Study of Law & Justice,” New York, curated by Nancy Barton and Michael Cohen,
     opens 3 December 2009 (ongoing)



DANIEL HESIDENCE & DAVID SHAW: Kevin Bruk Gallery, Miami, “(untitled 2009)” (group exhibition),
30 November 2009–5 January 2010  >link

B. WURTZ: Martin Art Gallery, Muhlenberg College, Allentown, PA, “Exposed Terrain” (group exhibition),
curated by Amra Brooks, 18 November–18 December 2009  >link

JEFF ONO: PHIL, Los Angeles, “The Newest” (group exhibition), 14 November 2009–9 January 2010  >link
Pagel, David. Review of “The Newest,” Los Angeles Times, 18 December 2009  >link

MAMIE HOLST: Gresham’s Ghost (third location), New York, “Cave Painting: Installment #2” (group exhibition),
organized by Bob Nickas, 7 November–4 December 2009  >link

RICHARD KERN: Guidi & Schoen Arte Contemporanea, Genoa, Italy, solo exhibition,
7 November–7 December 2009  >link

SAM GORDON: Fortune Cookie Projects, Artspace @ Helutrans, Singapore, “New Work New York” (group exhibition), 7–28 November 2009  >link

RICHARD KERN: Galerie Bertrand & Gruner, Geneva, solo exhibition, 5 November–19 December 2009  >link

DAVOR VRANKIC: Galerija Kranjcar, Zagreb, “Let Me Make You Real” (solo exhibition), 4–21 November 2009   



RICHARD KERN & JUDY LINN: Brooklyn Museum, New York, “Who Shot Rock & Roll: A Photographic History,
1955 to the Present” (group exhibition), Brooklyn Museum, NY, 30 October 2009–31 January 2010 (traveled to
Worcester Art Museum, MA; Memphis Brooks Museum of Art, TN; Akron Art Museum, OH; Columbia Museum
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TRACY MILLER is the winner of the 5th Alexander Rutsch Award In Painting

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