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Naoto Nakagawa Biography

Born in Kobe, Japan, in 1944

Lives and works in New York City


1961–62Osaka Art University, Osaka, Japan

1963–65Brooklyn Museum Art School, New York

Selected One-Person Exhibitions

2011“Earth Wave Paintings,” Feature Inc., New York

2008Ethan Cohen Fine Arts, New York
Tamada Projects, Tokyo
Beauregard Fine Art, Rumson, NJ

2007“Triple X: Extended, Exploded, Extracted – Naoto Nakagawa 1965–1975,” White Box, New York; curated by
        Eric Shiner (catalogue: essays by Alexandra Munroe, John Perreault, and Eric Shiner)
“Scream of Nature: Recent Paintings by Naoto Nakagawa,” Ethan Cohen Fine Arts, New York ((catalogue: essays
        by Jake Berthot and Jonathan Goodman)

2006“Works on Paper,” Tamada Projects, Tokyo

2005Tamada Projects, Tokyo
Ethan Cohen Fine Arts, New York

2004Holly Snapp Gallery, Venice (catalogue: essay by Dore Ashton)
Tamada Projects, Tokyo

2003Ethan Cohen Arthaus and Kim Kettler Gallery, Wellfleet, MA

2000The Cooper Union Humanities Gallery, New York; (catalogue: essay by Dore Ashton)

1999Van Every/Smith Galleries, Davidson College, Davidson, NC (catalogue: essay by Gail Levin)

1996Nielsen Gallery, Boston (catalogue: essays by Tadao Ogura and John Perreault)

1993Victoria Munroe Fine Art, New York

1991Fuji Television Gallery, Tokyo (catalogue: essay by Dore Ashton)

1982Kasahara Gallery, Osaka, Japan         
Fuji Television Gallery, Tokyo (catalogue: essays by Rand Castile & Yoshiaki Inui)

1978Fuji Television Gallery, Tokyo

1974O.K. Harris Gallery, New York

1972O.K. Harris Gallery, New York

1971Obelisk Gallery, Boston

1968“The Extended Object and Its Image,” Judson Memorial Church Gallery, New York

Selected Group Exhibitions

2012“Punt,” Feature Inc., New York
“Voices from Japan: Despair and Hope from Disaster,” Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine,
        New York (“1,000 Portraits of Hope,” traveled to APIA Gallery, Hyogo Prefecture [2013];
        Ishigami No Oka Museum of Art, Iwate Prefecture [2013]; Koriyama Hall, Fukushima Prefecture [2013])
“Reinventing Landscape,” Sidney Mishkin Gallery, Baruch College, New York

2009–10“Trick Art / Trick Art no Sekai,” Toyohashi City Museum, Japan; traveled to Hokkaido-Kushiro Museum, Mie         Prefecture Museum, Fukuyama Museum, Sonpo Japan Togo Seiji Museum, Nagano Prefecture Shinano
        Museum, Miyazaki Prefecture Museum, Yato City Museum

2009Ethan Cohen Fine Arts, New York
Fujii Gallery, Tokyo

2007“The World of Trick Art,” Kyushu City Museum, Japan

2006“Andrew Masullo, Naoto Nakagawa, Alexander Ross,” Feature Inc., New York
“Antiquity/Modernity: Breaking Traditions,” Ethan Cohen Fine Arts, New York
“The World of Trick Art,” Takasaki City Museum, Japan

2005“Two Continents and Beyond: Waterways,” 9th Istanbul Biennial; an official independent project curated by
        Renee Vara and Asli Sumer
 “Poles Apart, Poles Together,” Venice Biennale; a project of the International Artists’ Museum and
        White Box, New York
“Waterways,” a project coinciding with the Venice Biennale, produced by Vara Global Fine Arts New York

2004Ethan Cohen Arthaus, Truro, MA

2003Nielsen Gallery, Boston
“Below the Canal: After 9/11,” Asian American Arts Centre, New York

2001“Selected Work from the Permanent Collection,” Ohita City Museum, Japan

2000“Conceptual Ink,” Ethan Cohen Fine Arts, New York

1999“35th Anniversary Exhibition,” Nielsen Gallery, Boston

1998“Works on Paper,” Tamada Projects Co., Tokyo

1997“Works on Paper,” Tamada Projects Co., Tokyo

1996“Still Life,” Nielsen Gallery, Boston

1994–5“Scream Against the Sky: Japanese Art Since 1945,” San Francisco Museum of Modern Art;
        Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, San Francisco; Guggenheim Museum Soho, New York;
        Yokohama Museum, Yokohama, Japan (catalogue)

1993“Works on Paper: Lyric with an Edge,” Victoria Munroe Fine Art, New York
“Celestial,” Lobby Exhibition, Champion International Co., Stamford, CT

1992“Drawings,” Victoria Munroe Fine Art, New York
“In the Spirit of Landscape,” Invitational, Nielsen Gallery, Boston

1991“Drawings,” Cork Gallery, Lincoln Center, New York; Great Wall Gallery, Toronto

1990“The Silent Dialogue: Still Life in the West and Japan,” Shizuoka Prefectural Museum of Art, Japan (catalogue)

1989“Eighty Masterpieces from the Fukuoka Museum,” Fukuoka Art Museum, Japan (catalogue)

1987“Contemporary Japanese Art in America (1): Arita, Nakagawa, Sugimoto,” Japan Society Gallery, New York
        (catalogue: essays by Alexandra Munroe; Toshio Hara; Patterson Sims)

1986“Eminent Immigrants,” New House Gallery, Snug Harbor Cultural Center, Staten Island, NY; curated by John Perrealt

1982“Contemporary American Realism since 1960,” organized by the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts,
        Philadelphia; traveled to The Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, Richmond, VA; The Oakland Museum,
        Oakland CA; Museo Calouste Gulbenkian, Lisbon; Salas de Esposiciones de Bellas Artes, Madrid; Kunsthalle,
        Germanisches Nationalmuseum, Nurenberg, Germany (catalogue)

1981“Real, Really Real, Super Real: Directions in Contemporary American Realism,” organized by the
       San Antonio Museum of Art, San Antonio, TX; traveled to The Indianapolis Museum of Art,
       Indianapolis, IN; The Tucson Museum of Art, Tucson, AZ; The Museum of Art, Carnegie Institute, Pittsburgh, PA

1980“Asian Artists Exhibition Part II – Festival: Contemporary Asian Art Show,” Fukuoka Art Museum, Japan (catalogue)

1979“The Dragon and the Chrysanthemum,” Summit Art Center, Summit, NJ

1977“The Chosen Object: European and American Still Life,” Joslyn Art Museum, Omaha, NE

1976“The Presence and the Absence in Realism,” Brainard Hall Art Gallery, State University College at Potsdam, NY
Wichita State University, Wichita, KS
“40th Annual Midyear Show;” Butler Institute of American Art, Youngstown, OH

1973“Japanese Artists in the Americas,” Museum of Modern Art, Kyoto; Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo

1970“Toward a New Metaphysics,” Allen Frumkin Gallery, New York

1969“West Side Artists,” Goddard Riverside Auditorium, New York (brochure)
“Young Artists from Around the World,” Union Carbide Building, New York

1968“Beyond Literalism,” Moore College of Art, Philadelphia (catalogue)
Museum of Modern Art, Art Lending Gallery, New York

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