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Exhibitions 14 January – 11 February 1989
Peter Huttinger: paintings and drawings
Cinderella Rockefeller: (Art)n, Cindy Bernard, Hirsch Perlman, Nancy Shaver, B. Wurtz

Exhibitions 18 February – 18 March 1989
Jeanne Dunning: new work
Raymond Pettibon

Exhibitions 23 March – 22 April 1989
Tony Tasset: new work
Jim Shaw: My Mirage: New Work

Exhibitions 29 April – 27 May 1989
Hirsch Perlman
Charles Ray: Tabletop

Exhibitions 3 June – 1 July 1989
Janet Carkeek
David Moreno

Exhibitions 6 July – 11 August 1989
Romancing the Stone: Michael Banicki, Bastille, Lisa Beck, Kathe Burkhart, Kimberly Burleigh, Arnold Fern, Tony Greene, Peter Huttinger, Peter Levinson, Richard Morrison, Johnny Pixchure, Kay Rosen, Christopher Sasser, Jim Shaw, Tony Tasset, Kevin Wolff, B. Wurtz

Exhibitions 5 – 30 September 1989
Kathe Burkhart: Kathe Burkhart by Elizabeth Taylor: paintings from the Liz Taylor Series
Buttinsky: Michael Banicki, Peter Huttinger, Vicki Mansoor, Raymond Pettibon, Adrian Piper, Nancy Shaver, Jim Shaw, Tom of Finland, B. Wurtz

Exhibitions 7 October – 4 November 1990
Richard Rezac: sculpture
I Only Want You to Love Me: curated by Hilton Als, installation by Hilton Als and Darryl A Turner: Camille Billops, James Hamilton, Gina Harrell, Judy Linn, Suzanne Miles, Adrian Piper, Lorna Simpson, Darryl Turner, James van der Zee

Exhibitions 6 October – 3 November 1990
Hirsch Perlman: I'll admit mistakes I've made me realize

Exhibitions 7 November – 2 December 1989
Jim Isermann: Shag Ptgs
Kay Rosen: New Paintings

Exhibitions 9 December 1989 – 6 January 1990

Tom Finland: drawings and working drawing
Bastille: new paintings
Office Party: Kathe Burkhart, Jeanne Dunning, Arnold Fern, General Idea, Tony Greene, Raymond Pettibon, Johnny Pixchure, Marc Romano, Rene Santos, Jim Shaw, Tom of Finland, Kevin Wolff


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