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Exhibitions 6 January – 6 February 1993
Arnold Fern: Heads and Birds
Let the great constellation of flickering ashes be heard: Richard Bloes, David Shaw, Sally Webster

Exhibitions 9 February – 6 March 1993
Tom Friedman: new work
office: David Moreno, David Robbins

Exhibitions 9 March – 10 April 1993
David Moreno
Charles Ray: Boy
office: Raymond Pettibon

Exhibitions 14 April – 15 May 1993
B. Wurtz: Daily Life, 1970-1993

Exhibitions 18 May – 26 June 1993
Richard Hawkins/Jennifer Pastor/Lily van der Stokker
Michael K Swenson: *Spell*Zone*
office: Jim Isermann, B. Wurtz

Exhibitions 7 July – 6 August 1993
Up with People: Bastille, John Coplans, Bob Flanagan, G.B. Jones, Sheree Rose, Annie Sprinkle, A.K. Summers, Tom of Finland


Exhibition 8 September – 9 October 1993
Richard Hawkins: New Work by Richard Hawkins
Raymond Pettibon: new works on paper
opposite elevator: Chris Burden
small gallery: Peter Huttinger, Charles Ray, David Robbins, Kay Rosen

Exhibitions 13 October – 13 November 1993
Kay Rosen: new paintings
Brett Reichman: "This may be play to you, 'tis death to me."
opposite elevator: Jim Shaw

Exhibitions 13 – 20 October 1993
small gallery: Michael K Swenson, You probably need your head examined (but you can't afford it).

Exhibitions 20 October – 13 November 1993
small gallery: Helga Maria Klosterfelde Edition: Donald Baechler, Werner Büttner, Hanne Darboven, General Idea, Joseph Kosuth, Dan Peterman, Kay Rosen, Nicolaus Schafhausen, Rosemarie Trockel, Lawrence Wiener

Exhibitions 17 November – 18 December 1993
Richard Rezac: new sculpture
Marc Romano
small gallery: Jennifer Sirey

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