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Exhibitions 12 January – 17 February 1996
Tom Friedman: new work
group: Jim Isermann, Martin Silverman, Kevin Wolff
small gallery: Larry Clark, Vincent Fecteau, Jason Fox, David Moreno, David Robbins

Exhibitions 23 February – 30 March 1996
Richard Kern: Nudes
Lisa Beck: paintings/Lucky DeBellevue: sculpture
Sculpture Incorporating Photography: Richard Bloes, Rachel Harrison, David Moreno

Exhibitions 4 April – 11 May 1996
Takashi Murakami: sculpture and paintings
Vincent Fecteau: new work
Brett Reichman: Sleepy Hollow
office: Richard Kern, Gavin Wilson

Exhibitions 17 May – 22 June 1996
Shinichiro Akasaka: paintings
Rachel Harrison: sculpture/Michael Lazarus: paintings
AbFab: Avi Adler, Lisa Beck, Naomi Ben-Shahar, Joe Cavallaro, Lucky DeBellevue, Jeanne Dunning, Wayne Gonzales,
        Jim Isermann, Bill Komoski, Louise Lawler, David Moreno, Jorge Pardo, Raymond Pettibon, Richard Rezac, Matthew Ritchie,
        Michael Rodriguez, Alexander Ross, Lily van der Stokker, Tony Tasset, Amanda Trager, John Tremblay, Dan Walsh,
        James Welling, Kevin Wolff
office: Bill Komoski, David Moreno, Brett Reichman

Exhibitions 2 July – 9 August 1996
REX: ink drawings 1982-1996
Richard Hawkins: new work
Hung Gurus: the Extreme Homoerotics of Bastille, The Hun, and Gengoroh Tagame

Exhibitions 6 September – 12 October 1996
Michael Banicki: ratings / David Robbins: drawings
Michelle Lopez: leather works/Alexander Ross: relief pieces
group: Lucky DeBellevue, Vincent Fecteau, Tom Friedman, Richard Hawkins, Scott Hug, John Lekay, Raymond Pettibon, B. Wurtz
office: Bill Komoski, Michael Lazarus, Alexander Ross

Exhibitions 18 October – 23 November 1996
Bill Komoski: paintings
Romain Slocombe: photographs
Jim Isermann: Cubeweave
office: Bill Komoski, David Robbins, Alexander Ross

Exhibitions 6 December 1996 – 11 January 1997
"Hers was a ghost face at the window in a dream; and then the glass pane turned into a drowned face staring up from the bed of a clear river." (Denton Welch): Rene Santos, Alan Wiener, Gavin Wilson, Kevin Wolff
office: Michelle Lopez, Kevin Wolff

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