Tyler Vlahovich18 February – 25 March 2006 < 2006 page  < artist page

Paintings, drawings, and sculpture by Tyler Vlahovich usually appear faceted, fractured, cut up and/or pushed together. The elements are generally soft-edged, muddied color shapes, marks, lines, and blotches seemingly agitated, as if in search of their place among the crowd, perhaps a bit horny.

While the scale of the paintings, subdued colors, and simple paint applications shoot sidelong glances at early 20th century easel painting, the totality of the work extends out to our contemporary emotional, psychological, and sensual experiences. A personal narrative seems to direct the making of these paintings and drawings, yet they never reveal any such thing. They remain specific yet vague, familiar and odd, old and new.

Tyler Vlahovich, Orange Wind, 2005 tvf0511 Tyler Vlahovich, Untitled, 2005 tvf0510 Tyler Vlahovich, Cloud with Green Event, 2005 tvf0507 Tyler Vlahovich, Untitled, 2006 tvf0607   Tyler Vlahovich, Event with Shelf, 2006 tvf0605   Tyler Vlahovich, Untitled, 2006 tvf0602   Tyler Vlahovich, Untitled, 2006 tvf0601  
spacer Orange Wind, 2005, oil paint, graphite on wood panel, 24 x 32.5” Untitled, 2005; paint on found cardboard, 11 x 14.5 x 5” Cloud with Green Event, 2005, oil paint on wood panel, 24 x 32" space Untitled, 2006, painted wood, graphite on paper, 15.25 x 32 x 16" space Event with Shelf, 2006,oil paint on wood, 12 x 12.5 x 3.5” space Untitled, 2006, oil paint on wood panel, 24 x 31.5” space Untitled, 2006, oil paint on wood panel, 24 x 31.5” space
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