Kanishka's of Kolkata10 November—13 December 2006< 2006 page

KANISHKA’S OF KOLKATA, a 35 year old family business, will present hand woven, block printed, and embroidered textiles, commissioned from handloom weavers throughout India that use unique and particular local weaving conventions. These sumptuous and intricately handmade fabrics feature both figurative and ornamental patterns that draw on regional folk traditions, ancient scripts, and classical Indian motifs. The vibrant and uncommon palette is derived in part, from the use of a range of vegetable dyes - tea leaves, indigo, lac, roots, and flower petals - which combine to make colors of striking originality.

A small selection of Kanishka’s new line of contemporary clothing, KORA, will also be on display. KORA, which loosely translates to "a fresh start," uses the same hand loomed textiles and meticulously hand crafted techniques as found in their textiles.

Kaniska's textiles
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