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The Gentle Wind Project: A Healing Technology

The Gentle Wind Project (GWP), an international healing organization founded in 1983, has spent almost 25 years researching and developing healing instruments designed to alleviate mental and emotional suffering. These healing instruments repair and restore the body’s energetic or etheric structure and, in doing so, improve the quality of people’s lives.

The project believes that each person lives inside a nonphysical energetic field that extends eight to ten feet in height by four to six feet in width, with the physical body located in the approximate center. While few human beings can visually observe any aspect of this field, it can be photographed and measured. In some countries, including Japan, researchers have developed ways of diagnosing physical illnesses by measuring and observing the condition of this energetic field. If we could see the field, it would appear as interconnected, subatomic structures that look like energetic netting.

GWP believes that each time a person is injured mentally, emotionally or physically, their etheric structure is damaged. It is within this field that the hurts and wounds of each person’s life are stored. When harm is incurred, the subatomic structures of the body’s energetic field are damaged or destroyed. Furthermore, the damaged areas of the structure tend to have a magnetic quality, causing people to attract relationships and situations that will cause similar kinds of damage. The more harm one incurs, the more likely one is to incur further harm. The magnetic attraction accounts for the fact that so many people find themselves repeating the same painful, unhealthy patterns in their job choices and relationships. It also accounts for why people can have so much trouble breaking away from unhealthy relationships or jobs once it is established. In a sense, we get caught in mutual damage from which it is difficult to escape.

The damage that we incur affects the way that we think, feel and behave in our lives. It consumes our resources and affects our overall health. Conflict in relationships alone is an enormous source of human stress and suffering. There is a large body of medical research indicating that people with conflict in their relationships are at higher risk for heart disease, allergies, cancer and many other debilitating illnesses. This research shows that people who carry the hurts and wounds of negligent or faulty parenting relationships are more at risk for some illnesses than people who smoke, drink and eat unhealthy diets.

Talking in the form of counseling or psychotherapy will not repair the structural harm that is incurred. The Gentle Wind Project is in no way against counseling. Counseling can be very helpful and comforting when a person needs to talk about himself or herself. When counseling is helpful, it is because the client and professional appreciate and respect each other, and a relationship forms between the two people. However, no amount of talking or counseling can heal the damage to the energetic structure, any more than talking to your automobile will repair your transmission when it has broken down. The Gentle Wind Project healing instruments were designed to heal mental and emotional damage at its source within the etheric or energetic structure.

The information about how to construct the healing instruments was given to GWP through telepathic impressions in the form of engineering blueprints. Most of the plans call for small amounts of herbs, minerals, cell salts and precious stones. It is the project’s understanding that these blueprints come from the non-physical spirit world outside of this earth and its astral system. While it is ultimately not possible for us as human beings to know where these blueprints come from, GWP has not received a single complaint from anyone saying that they felt harmed by the instruments. On the contrary, thousands of people have called and written over the years to describe the help that they received. The instruments may be used by anyone of any age.

Up until 1995, GWP provided the healing instruments free of charge. It was hoped that once people felt the positive effects of the healing instruments they would naturally give donations to help keep the project going. However, very few people sent financial support. In October of 1995, the Gentle Wind Project ran out of financial resources and began requesting donations for the healing instruments. The healings continue to be offered free of charge.

Over 3 million people in more than 150 countries around the world have received healings through the use of the healing instruments of the Gentle Wind Project. There are thousands of Instrument Keepers located throughout the world. Most are listed in an international directory and are willing to share their instruments with anyone seeking this help. If you would like to obtain this healing or learn more about obtaining a healing instrument, you can contact Family Systems Research Group, famresearch@earthlink.net

—Mary Miller

Excerpted from “Positive Health,” Complementary Medicine Magazine


Q & A with Mary Miller of the Gentle Wind/ Family Research Systems Group  9.17.07

What do the words "gentle wind" refer to?
Gentle Wind comes from the I-Ching symbol number 57: The Gentle, The Penetrating. It refers to the "penetrating influence of the Sage"—the spirit in each of us. It means that when we allow the spirit in us to transform us, change will come gradually over time...no hard work, no pressures. Change takes place through the spirit so quietly that it is like the wind changing the landscape. No one sees it happen.

Was it inspiration or dissatisfaction that brought about the formation of GWP?
It was both. As psychotherapists, we were dissatisfied the long, slow tedious process of therapy that often ended with people still suffering, just better able to cope with suffering. We were inspired by the idea that an instrument, when held in a person's hand, could change a life.

What are the professional backgrounds of the founders?
We are former clinical social workers and educators.

Most healings involve healers, people trained to heal. What brought about the idea of creating healing instruments rather than training people to be healers?
There are a few people in the world, very rare, who have the power to heal. They are blessed. These instruments allow the rest of us who desperately want to alleviate human suffering to have an avenue to do so.

Why is the contact with the instruments made through the hand? Why not another body part?
The instruments use the acupuncture meridian systems as a means of conveying energy through a person’s system. This is the electrical system of the human consciousness. The meridians from the hands run to the heart, liver and kidneys, three organs most liable to absorb stress. The instruments work to alleviate pressures and stresses of life that are often held in these organs. That said, most of these instruments will work anywhere on the body. The process is just a little less efficient.

What determines when to use the right hand and when to use left hand?
There are a variety of reasons, including which meridians are essential in the process of energy transfer and which brain hemisphere might need to be involved.

Plastics. Why use plastic?
I would think that healing instruments would be constructed of natural materials.
Plastics, although unnatural, are inert. Natural materials are all organically active. The plastics are neutral conductors of force.

Simply, how do your healing instruments work?
The instruments are constructed to work on the non-physical field that surrounds the body. This field is also called the auric cage. It is our belief that hurts and wounds are held energetically in this structure. The instruments are aimed at repairing and restoring this structure in order to produce a more stable and balanced system.
Furthermore, we believe that the hurts and wounds of the past create a magnetic effect, causing us to pull to ourselves people and situations who have experienced similar kinds of harm. Repairing this structure changes this magnetic process.

What types of problems do your instruments address, lessen, and/or alleviate?
The FDA will not allow me to answer this question unless we can provide documented research done through a medical institution. Otherwise, I would be making a "claim" and could be closed down. What I can say is that we have worked with all kinds of people with all kinds of problems from around the globe. The majority of people who have used the healing instruments feel they have been helped. They most often say they feel calmer, more relaxed, more at ease.
The good news is that a medical institution recently accepted a proposal to study the effects of our instruments on cancer patients and their families. This is a group of people who are under tremendous stress and it is our belief that the instruments may be helpful here.

Does the effectiveness of the instruments on individuals vary?
Yes, we are each so unique. Some people will take less time than others to heal. Some people will need to use instruments more often than others will. Some people live stressful lives, so they tend to build up new stresses very quickly and need ongoing work. Some people have biochemical imbalances that need to be corrected. Some people use their will to keep old patterns in place and it takes a little longer for them to drop away. Truly, the process is unique to each person.

Do the contents of the instruments vary greatly?
Contents have been fairly constant: herbs, minerals, cell salts, precious stones, magnets, copper and aluminum.

Who designs the instruments? Is it a trained graphic designer?
John Miller designs the instruments. He did some minimal training in college as an industrial arts major specializing in graphics and design.

What inspires the graphics and instruments’ forms and shapes?
The information about how to build the instruments seems to come in the form of images from the spirit world. Having said that, most human inventions have also been so inspired. If you read about people like Sikorsky, who designed and developed the helicopter, you will find the story of a man who was inspired by something greater than himself.
It seems to us that the spirit world would have to be involved in any system that was here to help humanity recover. Human beings are too injured to be able to recover themselves—at least from what we can see.

Are the graphics related to the function of the instruments?
Very much so. If you look at many of the graphics closely, you will see circuit board-like designs. These designs are used to conduct or transfer force from the nonphysical to the physical world. The instruments are like gateways between the two worlds and the graphics are very much a part of that process.

Are the colors specific? Do they have a function?
Yes they are very important. For example, white and tan are neutral, yellow is for focus, red subdues excess energy, green is for matters of the heart. They are essential elements in alignment. The shades and tones selected are very specific.

Why do the designs and forms of the instruments change so frequently?
The instruments change as we gain new information about how to help people. Human beings are so varied and so unique that we constantly fine tune the instruments so as to reach as many people with as many conditions as possible.

Are most of the instruments transmitters as well as receivers?
Yes, they are.

How does GWP/FSRG communicate with the instruments and what gets communicated?
We use the instruments like other people do. We each use them in our own way. We all see them as conduits that allow us to bring in energies from the spirit world and help repair us here in the human world.

How can the I-Ching be used to heal? I thought it had to do with predictions and with developing an awareness of one’s situation?
The I-Ching is valuable to us because it is the original binary code. Each symbol can be broken down into ones and zeros just like in a computer code. All DNA strands can also be broken down into ones and zeros. Traditionally, the I-Ching is used a guide. We use it in a more mechanical way for its energetic properties. We have also developed a system for defining each symbol as part of a personal psychological profile, which is quite different from the symbols’ original use.

I understand that now you also take astrological or astronomical considerations into account when constructing custom-built instruments. How do such things relate to healing?
All astronomical bodies have a gravitational effect on the human consciousness. For example, Saturn’s gravitational field can cause depression and compression; Neptune can cause confusion, Uranus can cause restlessness. In looking at any human consciousness, it is essential to consider everything that influences how a person feels and thinks. Studying these astronomical influences allows us to know more about the human condition in order to develop solutions to human problems. These customized instruments address many mental and emotion vulnerabilities.

The I-Ching, astrology, telepathy—won’t people think you are too far out to be taken seriously?
The I-Ching and various other astrological systems have been around for thousands of years. They contain within them universal truths. They represent areas of knowledge and advancement in society. It makes sense to me that we would use these kinds of basic systems as the foundation of an effective technology. We are seeking a consistent, reliable and repeatable system for resolving human suffering and restoring a person to inner peace and calm.
There are have been many advances in the field of quantum physics that verify our approach to the human consciousness. There is much research data now that confirms the existence of a non-physical body, of an energetic structure that exists beyond the boundaries of the body. We can see this structure in certain types of photographs and measure it with specific measuring tools.
To be honest, if what we are doing is far out, we are not yet far enough out: there are still too many people suffering from mental and emotional distress. We need answers, answers that work. And, since a lot of what is offered to alleviate emotional suffering does not work or has some pretty rough side effects, we need to keep looking ahead to find systems that produce consistent, lasting results.


Tibetan Medicine and Gentle Wind Instruments: A Future History

“Herein is described the ingredients for illnesses that shall be encountered some four hundred years from now, when the rivers are polluted, and the skies are filled with smoke, and when people eat food with many poisons and little vitality…the illnesses at this time will be like an uncontrolled spreading of cauliflowerlike structures in the body…In the future…mental illnesses and diseases of rLung (wind) shall be greatly increased…people will suffer great mental afflictions, and the Tantric level of healing, the amulets and Tantric practices…(shall)…become the only cure…”

—Tibetan prophecy from Yuthog Gonpo’s commentary on the rGyud-bzhi

First, let’s consider some basic precepts of Tibetan Buddhist medicine. The construction of a Tibetan healing amulet requires a strictarrangement of herbs, seeds, cell salts, gems, and metals housed inside a silk or paper container, which may also contain sacred mantras or minute Sanskrit prayers. A Tibetan lama/doctor may then say a specific blessing over the healing instrument, charging it with a powerfully focused Tibetan Buddhist thought form or visualization. The mustard seed is a crucial herbal ingredient in the Tibetan healing amulets and of particular scientific interest to the lamas. It is considered to be one of the most powerful storage devices for mantras and healing visualizations, and an ancient saying states, that “the whole universe is contained in a single mustard
seed.” I think of a mustard seed as a battery.

A Tibetan healing amulet acts as a powerful force, changing the infrastructure of the fine web of acupuncture lines of force—our electromagnetic field or aura—that extends out from within the body to an average distance of eight feet around it. Contained within this web are an individual’s thoughts, feelings, and held traumas from many lifetimes. When the amulet is placed in contact with the acupuncture meridian system of the body, it repairs meridian sinks throughout the system, including the outer bioelectric field.

According to the Tibetan tradition, when a healing amulet is worn, the circumstances of an individual’s life improve because that person’s magnetic field, containing all their thoughts, becomes more harmoniously aligned to the magnetic fields of the earth and all the other planets in our solar system. Magnetic fields all communicate with one another simultaneously through the Law of the Five Elements—which dictates that Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Space constitute everything in existence—and the principle of rlung, or “wind.” Wind is everywhere. You cannot see it, but you can see its effects.

In Tibetan medicine, the human is viewed as an exact microcosmic reflection of the macrocosmic universe. The two are inextricably linked. A change in one person’s consciousness and body affects the whole universe.


For more than 25 years, the Gentle Wind Project (now the Family Systems Research Group) has sought energetic solutions to emotional imbalances. Their healing instruments, which combine ancient technologies with an understanding of the electromagnetics of the body and environment, are as revolutionary to spiritual healing as antibiotics were to modern medicine. Similar in contents to the Tibetan healing amulets, Gentle Wind healing instruments contain cell salts, herbs, lapis lazuli, gold, copper, aluminum, and sometimes magnets, and utilize many of the principles found in Tibetan medicine, including the concept of the meridian system, basic to acupuncture and acupressure.

We find electricity everywhere: in electric motors, in computers, and even in the human body. All the hurts and wounds that are stored within the body’s meridians form deleterious electromagnetic sinks, gaps, or voids of no voltage. The electrical force emitted by a Gentle Wind healing instrument equals the slight electrical voltage of the resting membrane charge that surrounds each cell in the body. When ions—positively or negatively charged salts such as potassium and sodium chloride—pass through cell membranes this electrical charge can go up or down. As a healing instrument is held in the hand, the movement of the instrument’s charge along the acupuncture meridians removes blockages along the meridian pathways.

Family Systems Research Group is now developing new technologies based on Behavioral Astronomy, the observation that the acupuncture meridian system of the body is inextricably linked to the acupuncture meridian system not only of the earth, but also of all near and far planets. These technologies utilize a combination of geomagnetic energy, gravity, and light and radio wave communication.

Look at the large Hexagram Board, and also the I-Ching symbols on the wall. They resemble electrical circuitry, and this is no accident: they are based on similar principles. The ones and zeros in the I-Ching hexagrams act like a computer binary code. In conjunction with the board’s aluminum/copper/cell salt battery, they use available light to send a signal to your acupuncture meridian system, resulting in atmospheric and physical calm.

The Family Systems Research Group will not stop evolving. Next year, the technology will be even more efficient, with a clearer understanding of both ancient and modern principles and how they might best be combined. Gentle Wind invented the equivalent of the first radio; Family Systems Research Group is now engaged in making the equivalent of the first cell phone. I look forward to the unfolding of this technology, which is perhaps as important as the invention of antibiotics. Even more important.


From Paleolithic records in China, we have the first I-Ching pictograms showing their relationship to the body: as “doorways” on the back, at the shoulder, and other areas of the body, connecting us to the higher worlds.

Prophecy written in the Vedas, 2500 BC:
“The end of Kali Yuga (the dark cycle) and the beginning of Satya Yuga (the enlightenment cycle) will be evident when specific phenomena in cultures begin to appear, such as an understanding of the use of the “Source” of the universe to power machinery, and the existence of small groups of people that avoid violence at all costs…”

Vedic texts describe electricity as “the fundamental vital force of all...the One Source [that] in the future [when] it will power machinery” (Max Muller, 1891).

From the Buddhist Nyingma tradition, Vairochana's Sems-sde Lineage, 8th Century:
Vairochana was one of the most important spiritual leaders of Tibet. He translated many Buddhist scriptures from Sanskrit, and was also a practitioner of the secret, Tantric yoga practices. He recorded methods of enlightenment that were then hidden in remote areas of Tibet. He was responsible for spearheading the hiding of spiritual texts until a time when humanity could understand them. These texts are called Termas, or spiritual texts hidden during the dark cycle, to be released according to dates in Tibetan astrological scriptures from the 7th century. According to Tibetan scholars, the dark cycle is only just ended, and the teachings are only just beginning to find their way to the West, to their spiritual home. Some Tibetan lamas say that in fact these teachings originated in the US, many, many centuries ago, and are only coming home.

Tibetan Prophecy, Padmasambhava, 936 AD:
“When the Iron Bird Flies and horses run on wheels, Tibetan people will be scattered like ants across the world, and the dharma will come to the Land of the Red Faced People…”
The year of the Iron Bird in the Tibetan Buddhist calendar was our year 1921, the same year that one of the first successful transatlantic flights was made with a passenger airplane.

“Atoms release characteristic frequencies of light that allow one to identify each atom absolutely…when the exact frequencies of light that an atom emits are presented to the atom in phase (in momentum) the atom absorbs the energy, and its energy is amplified.”
—Biological Transmutations by C.L. Kervran and Crosby Lockwood

“When exposed to the exact frequencies of these atoms, the body absorbs that energy (voltage) to allow these atoms to function normally.”
—Harold Saxton Burr

“The body uses all forms of electron transfer to move voltage through the body: conductive via fibrous tissue, ionic via ions in fluids, and semi-conductor methods, with cells being the semi-conductors.”
—Fritz Albert Popp

Fritz Albert Popp developed a device that measures photons of light one photon at a time. He proved in laboratory experiments that chronic disease is always associated with a loss of voltage and a reversal of polarity in cells.

With another researcher, Popp showed that light is stored in the body, and also released from the body. Light is stored in the DNA of the cell.

Every cell in our body can store 3 gigabits of electronic information within the DNA of the cell.

The natural frequency of each DNA is 150 megahertz.

The frequency of human “radar” is the same used in commercial radar and microwave communications.

DNA stores harmonics of 150 MHz as well. In the visible light band, that is blue: the same color as the sky.

DNA works on the same basic grammatical syntax as the I-Ching and most computers, even the new quantum computers. The I-Ching is the first known binary computation system. From it, Gotfried Leibniz, developed calculus. Leibniz, in uncovering this binary code in the I-Ching, changed the path of mathematics for all time. It influenced all modern thought and inventions that use the power of two. This sequence influences all modern computer math, DNA descriptions, the structure of crystals, and calculations of planetary and galaxy movement.

The Human Genome Project has said the only worthwhile part of the genetic code was the protein synthesis.

The “junk” DNA is used by the cell to store data and communicate with other cells and organisms.

“Chromosomes work similarly to the new quantum computers: solotonic holographic computers (waves that store information) that communicate with laser radiation.”
— Pjotr Garjajev, Russian Academy of Sciences

Quantum computers are a new technology that wants to store information in photons (lightwaves) and also calculate with the help of atoms (particles).

Recently at Harvard they were able to alter stored light, and then pass the information on to an atom, without the phase (the binary code) being lost.

“We can apply a magnetic field to our atoms during the storage process to shift the phase of the atoms which in turn changes that phase of the reconstituted light” …the phase information that we are trying to not lose is like the ones and zeros of computing.”
—Michael Phillips, Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics

—Mary Ryan

Mary Ryan has a Masters and a PhD from Oxford University, where she researched Tibetan medicine with the present day Personal Physician to the Dalai Lama. Mary trained in Malaysian acupuncture with Per Lauborg in Denmark. She was a professor at UMass, Amherst for five years, and now writes and lectures on Tibetan medicine, Family Systems Research and related topics.

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