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Found stuff used. Usually lower end stuff. I was surprised to discover how many Feature affiliates use found objects in their work. Everything comes
from somewhere.

Alan Wiener, Alex Brown, David Moreno, B. Wurtz,Tracy Miller,
David Shaw, David Robbins, Dike Blair, Nancy Shaver, Sam Gordon,
Lisa Beck, Jerry Phillips, Kay Rosen, Bill Jenkins, Tyler Vlahovich
Tamara Zahaykevich, Judy Linn, Vincent Fecteau, Mai Braun, Jeff Ono,
David Deutsch, Travis Molkenbur, Lucky DeBellevue, Tom Friedman

  ALAN WEINER: This thing on blocks, 2008 ALEX BROWN:Untitled, 1996 DAVID MORENO: Dust, 2007 B. WURTZ: Tower, 1989 TRACY MILLER: Beer Doily, 2006   DAVID SHAW: Chemical Tail, 2008   Bruce Brosnan, Untitled, 2006   DIKE BLAIR: Untitled, 2001   NANCY SHAVER: Crooked box, white curve, 2006   g   LISA BECK: System, 2008   JERRY PHILLIPS: Untitled, 2008   1 of 2  > next  
spacer ALAN WIENER: This thing on blocks, 2008; resin, found concrete blocks; 9.5 x 9.25 x 2.5" ALEX BROWN: Untitled, 1996; oil paint
on canvas; 30 x 22”
DAVID MORENO: Dust, 2007; digital C print; 10 x 14” ed. 3 space B. WURTZ: Tower, 1989; mixed media; 50 x 30 x 16.75” space TRACY MILLER: Beer Doily, 2006; ink on paper; 11 x 14” space DAVID SHAW: Chemical Tail, 2008; wood, steel, paint, holographic laminate; 72.75 x 23.5 x 28.25” space DAVID ROBBINS: The Naturalist, 2003; Epson 10000 archival inkjet print; 32 x 79.5” ed.4 space DIKE BLAIR: Untitled, 2001; gouache, pencil on paper; 12 x 9” space NANCY SHAVER: Crooked box, white curve, 2006; wooden box, cardboard boxes, house paint, flashe acrylic paint; 9 x 13.5 x 5” space SAM GORDON, JOHN TORREANO, and ANONYMOUS:
Surface Incident (pound of flesh), 2007; spray paint, ink marker, charcoal, and silver leaf on sheetrock; 36 x 45”
space LISA BECK: System, 2008;
brass plant stand, steel, plastic, PVC, wax, acrylic paint; 40 x 18 x 18”
space JERRY PHILLIPS: Untitled, 2008; lens, wire, kneaded eraser; 30 x 48 x 22” space space  
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