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Ben Snead continues to use frogs, fish, birds, snakes, and various insects as fodder for his paintings. previously the compositions were quite literal and often hinted at social constructs and amusing choreography, while the most recent paintings have a more abstracted eccentricity that includes partial disappearances into folds as in paper or windows, as in computers, mashings, and fragmentation. Two of my favorites are a heap of chopped-up purplish frogs against a black ground that looks rather like a car crash or the makings of a dinner, and a hilariously frightening talking head composed of swarming grasshoppers. There is as well a more classical and spacious arrangement of three stacked rows of three: nine grouper (a fish) heads, all but one oddball facing the same direction, that is a perfect opportunity to observe the wide range of superficial similarities and differences within a species. Same different; different same. There is no way that this fish talk cannot be flipped into the wealth that composes the range of human features.

In December 2009, Ben Snead’s commission by the Metropolitan Transit Authority was completed. It is in the departures and arrivals area, mezzanine level of the Jay St.- Borough Hall A-C-F station, towards the south end of the station.
Ben Snead, Spotted Ones, 2008 bsf0810   Ben Snead, Untitled, 2008 bsf0808   Ben Snead, Loose Ends (Darters), 2008 bsf0809 Ben Snead, Untitled, 2008 bsf0807 Ben Snead: The Conversation, 2010 bsf1001 BILL JENKINS: untitled, 2008 bjf0802d, 2009 lbf0903   Ben Snead, Odd Ducks, 2008 bsf0811   Ben Snead, Five Sea Bass, 2008 bsf0812   Ben Snead, Grouper Heads, 2008 bsf0802   Ben Snead, Grouper Heads, 2008 bsf0802  
Spotted Ones, 2008; oil paint on linen; 66 x 66”; $ 19,000 Untitled, 2008; oil paint on linen; 56 x 74”; $ 18,000
Loose Ends (Darters), 2008; oil paint on linen;
74 x 64”; $ 20,000
Untitled, 2008; oil paint on linen; 64 x 64”; $ 18,000 The Conversation, 2010; oil paint on linen; two panels, 46 x 46” each; $ 24,000 space Relax, 2009; oil paint on linen; 48 x 52”; $ 12,000 space Odd Ducks, 2008; oil paint on linen; 64 x 86.5”; $ 25,000 space Five Sea Bass, 2008; oil paint on linen; 40 x 60”; $ 15,000 space Grouper Heads, 2008; oil paint on linen; 60 x 60”; $ 18,000 space

Departures And Arrivals, 2009; mosaic and silk screened tile;
installed at Jay St. / Borough Hall A,C,F station; 6.5 x 103'

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