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Lecture and Discussion 9 May 2010
Jungle of Signs Image A JUNGLE OF SIGNS - lecture and discussion

Sunday May 9 at Feature Inc.

4:30pm: Jesse Bransford and Karsten Krejcarek
5:30pm: a lecture by Michael Taussig
6:30pm: reception


A talk by Professor Michael Taussig (Dept. of Anthropology, Columbia University) who is one of the most innovative, distinguished and socially engaged voices in cultural anthropology. An interdisciplinary thinker and engaging writer, Taussig's work combines aspects of ethnography, story-telling, and social theory. An area of long standing interest, Taussig will be discussing aspects of Latin American ayahuasca-based shamanism and its historical interface with Western magic.

In 2007, visual artists Jesse Bransford and Karsten Krejcarek spent time in the city of Iquitos, Peru and the surrounding jungle. In a public conversation they hope to further elaborate on the experiences in relation to their art and art making in general. Topics will include globalization, adventure narratives, monkeys and telepathy.



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