Connected 7 January – 12 February 2012 > past

Ben Berlow, Mel Bernstine, LÉonie Guyer, Bobbie Oliver, Sherman Sam

Connected is an exhibtion of works on paper by five artists not represented by Feature inc., all of whose work has been influenced by the type of Tantra paintings that Feature exhibits (there are other kinds of Tantra paintings that are very different). The five artists are: Ben Berlow, Mel Bernstine, Léonie Guyer, Bobbie Oliver, and Sherman Sam.

  BENJAMIN BERLOW: Untitled, 2005 MEL BERNSTINE:  Meta, 2010 BOBBIE  OLIVER:  Accumulation, 2011 Léonie Guyer: Untitled, FR-30; 2010 SHERMAN SAM:  SS-003-JWB; 2005-10
space space BENJAMIN BERLOW: Untitled, 2005; gouache, ink on paper; 7 x 4.25” MEL BERNSTINE:  Meta, 2010; Posca, acrylic paint on paper; 11 x 15” BOBBIE  OLIVER:  Accumulation, 2011; gouache on paper; 11 x 15” LÉONIE GUYER: Untitled, FR-30; 2010; colored pencil, graphite on old French paper (18th – 19th century); 12.125 x 10.5” SHERMAN SAM:  SS-003-JWB; 2005-10; graphite, gouache on paper; 10.5 x 7”
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