Nathaniel Robinson: Civil Twilight2 September - 2 October 2010 < past page
.am i correct that most of your work is generated out of actual experiences rather than brain work?
I think that’s right, although I can’t seem to locate the dividing line between experience and brain work. Things do often begin when I see something that seems suggestive or promising. Sometimes I don’t immediately know why. I also sometimes begin with the realization of a physical possibility.  

.that, the growing discernment, somewhat relates to the title, civil twilight; a term i didn’t know. will you briefly define it?
Civil twilight is a time of day—actually two times of day—just before sunrise and just after sunset. So it is a period of transition from illumination to darkness, or from natural to artificial illumination. Or the reverse.

.might we think of this adjusting or readjusting as being the basis of your sense of humor?

Yes, come to think of it. To boldly oversimplify: If it isn’t funny, it isn’t serious. I seem to spend my time thinking either about cloudy inexpressibles or gutter-level contingencies, skipping the middle part altogether. Occasionally a modest lightning bolt connects them—and who has not been prompted by a lightning bolt to chuckle?

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  untitled, 2010 nrf1009 Nathaniel Robinson, Free Information 2010 nrf1010 NATHANIEL ROBINSON: Civil Twilight, 2010 nrf1012 NATHANIEL ROBINSON: Civil Twilight, 2010 nrf1012 v2 NATHANIEL ROBINSON: Civil Twilight, 2010 nrf1012 v3   Nathaniel Robinson, Other, 2010 nrf1011   Nathaniel Robinson, Distribution 2010 nrf1013   FRED ESCHER  
space untitled, 2010
pigmented polyurethane resin; two parts; .125 x 5.25 x 6.75” overall
Free Information, 2010; pigmented polyurethane resin; 3.25 x 16.75 x 11.25” Civil Twilight, 2010; mixed media; 35 x 132” dia.; 96” from floor Civil Twilight, 2010 (detail) space Civil Twilight, 2010 (detail) space Other, 2010; pigmented polyurethane resin; 1.375 x 8 x 3.75” space Distribution, 2010;
table, plastic laminate, pigmented polyurethane resin, paper fiber, oil paint; 29.375 x 38.5 x 32”
space Distribution, 2010 (detail) space
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