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Exhibition 28 January – 27 February 2010
Ben Snead Exhibition image Ben Snead

Ben Snead continues to use frogs, fish, birds, snakes, and various insects, as the fodder of his paintings. previously the compositions were quite literal and often hinted at social constructs and amusing choreography while the most recent paintings have a more abstracted eccentricity that includes partial disappearances into folds as in paper or windows as in computers, mashings, and fragmentation. Two of my favorites are a heap of chopped up purplish frogs against a black ground that looks rather like a car crash or the makings of a dinner, and a hilariously frightening talking head composed of swarming grasshoppers. There is as well a more classical and spacious arrangement of three stacked rows of three, 9 grouper (a fish) heads, all but one oddball face the same direction, and it is a perfect opportunity to observe the wide range of superficial similarities and differences within a species. Same different; different same. There is no way that this fish talk cannot be flipped into the wealth that composes the range of human features. Peace.

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Grouper Heads, 2008  
Exhibitions 4 – 27 March 2010
Sue Gurnee image Tantra images Alex Brown image
Sue Gurnee: The Fulgent Cadences Anonymous Tantra Paintings Upfront: BILL KOMOSKI
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Exhibition 8 April – 9 May 2010
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Jesse Bransford :
The Jungle (for Norma),
works on paper

Long has Jesse Bransford been gleaning archaic and peripheral cultures for their icons, signs, and remnants of their deep, in search of being privy to the cosmic passage of the essence that endures, and sharing it. One such recent investigation has been that of the psychotropic ayahuasca experience as guided by Norma, an Amazonian curandero (healer, shaman). The culture, plant(s) and their properties both scientifically and experientaily, as well as the experiences and its repercussions are chronicled in these recent works on paper.

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A Jungle of Signs: 9 May, lecture and discussion with Professor Michael Taussig (Dept. of Anthropology, Columbia University)   > read more

Telepathy (Karsten/Norma)
, 2007
Exhibition 1 May 2010
saturday may 1, 2010
a may day celebration. one night only. 6-8 pm
free art, one piece per person. art donated by artists. unconditional love. anyone may give. anyone may have.

this is an open call. artists are being asked to donate a work, something to be taken away with no cost. no records will be kept, no check list, no names will be displayed on the walls. not more than 36" in any direction. sculpture must be under 20 lbs. deliver or send to feature to arrive between april 18 and april 30.

at a time when everything costs, this is free.

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Power to the People
Exhibition 13 May –19 June 2010
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Bill Komoski : recent paintings

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BILL KOMOSKI : 1/15/10, 2010  
Exhibition 25 June – 31 July 2010
Tom of Finland and then some  

Sketches from the archive of the legendary Tom of Finland will once again – it’s easily been ten or so years – hang on the walls of Feature Inc.
Tom of Finland, the artist who took masculine to macho and big to XXX large, clocked the butch gay clone phenomenon at its onset
and blew it out.

Partnering Tom of Finland is and then some, sexual imagery by a number of other contemporary artists who frequently use sexual imagery in their work. The range is wide, tho less poser/genital display
and more twist.

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TOM OF FINLAND and then some
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Exhibitions 2 September – 2 October 2010
Hartshorn Robinson Nathaniel Robinson: Civil Twilight

Civil Twilight is the time of day before sunrise or after sunset when the sun is between the horizon and six degrees below. It is a time when light is increasing or fading and images and objects are not completely discernible. Once can think of this transitional time as a move into or out of the private and into or out of the social.

This is quiet work that has a sense of humor. There are a number of castings so while the objects are knowable, they are at least once removed. Color is subdued. Most things have multiple readings. While these things or this world seems old and used, it also offers possibilities. Orientation and reorientation rule.


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Exhibition 7 October – 7 November 2010

Gallery: Richard Rezac: recent sculpture


Upfront: David Shaw 

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Book SIgning 17 October 2010

Nancy Shaver- Henry at Home

Henry at Home

A book-signing party with performances celebrating
Nancy Shaver's Henry at Home

spoken words by Yasmine Alwan, Ed Steck and Kathleen Miller
performance by Samita Sinha

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Exhibitions 11 November – 5 December 2010

Gallery: Andrew Masullo: paintings


Upfront: David Shaw: Hangup 

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Exhibitions 9 December 2010 – 16 January 2011
Todd Knopke
Todd Knopke TODD KNOPKE:
CEC (changing everything carefully)

Upfront: Todd Knopke

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Gallery: Todd Knopke

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